After winning five in a row the Celtics’ winning streak was snapped by the Lakers at the Garden on Thursday night. Pau Gasol blocked a putback by Ray Allen in the last seconds of overtime to secure the 88-87 win for the Lakers.

Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe spoke with 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich about the loss, the trade deadline and Rajon Rondo.

The Green were on a roll until they hosted the Lakers and it became clear that they need a man down low. What is the team planning to do?

“I don’t think anything at this point, I mean what really can you do with it. There’s not many decent centers out there.”

Washburn looked at the one point loss to the Lakers as encouraging. He believes that the Celtics are making progress this season. What does Washburn see Danny Ainge doing come the trade deadline? Will Ainge sit on his hands or make some moves?

“Danny’s going to be extremely realistic with this team. I don’t think at 14 and 11 he say hey we’re going to compete for a title. This team is going to have to gradually improve before that trade deadline and he’s going to have to see some really encouraging things for him not to. Also their going to have to get an attractive offer too, their not just going to give away guys.”

They discussed trade rumors that have come out in the past involving Rajon Rondo and thoughts that Ainge has no intentions of building a team around Rondo. Is Rondo the guy for the future?

“I don’t think that they feel that Rondo is like a franchise point guard. I think that they think they need a franchise big man, but I don’t see why you would trade a 25, 26 year old Rondo for a 31 year old Gasol who is probably on the down side of his career.”

Listen and find out who the guys think is the ugliest player in the NBA.


  1. Dan Gulberies says:


    Muuhme Shizewadel. Dangley, doodely wha shwah wha, na shwah finger ffwhuuush.

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