BOSTON (CBS) — Tim Thomas was adamant on Thursday that his Facebook posts are private and have nothing to do with hockey, and he showed on Friday that the public scrutiny will not deter him from posting on his page.

Without adding his own belief as an introduction, Thomas posted a quote from former President Ronald Reagan:

“I’m convinced that today the majority of Americans want what those first Americans wanted: A better life for themselves and their children; a minimum of government authority. Very simply, they want to be left alone in peace and safety to take care of the family by earning an honest dollar and putting away some savings. This may not sound too exciting, but there is something magnificent about it. On the farm, on the street corner, in the factory and in the kitchen, millions of us ask nothing more, but certainly nothing less than to live our own lives according to our values — at peace with ourselves, our neighbors and the world.” 

Thomas’ post came a day after he defended his right to express his beliefs as an individual.

“I don’t think that when you become an athlete that you sign away your right to be an individual and to have your own views and to be able to post them on Facebook, if you like,” Thomas told reporters on Thursday before cutting short his meeting with the media when he grew tired of answering questions.

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  1. bosmonkey says:

    Who cares what he thinks? In my eyes, he’s jsut another person giving his opinion. But his crappy attitude towards newspeople about not wanting to be bothered with questions about his Facebook posts is ridiculous. He says that’s his personal life. Umm.. Buddy, you gave that up when you became a sports celebrity. Maybe you don’t post on Facebook anything you don’t want to be questioned about?? :/

    1. Ryan says:

      Backlash for quoting Reagan? What is this country coming to. We are sinking so fast and there is no Reagan on the horizon to save us this time…

      7 things every family should have before an economic collapse.

      1. George Bush says:

        Reagan was the worst President ever, he bankrupted America. We went from the largest creditor nation to the largest debtor nation under Ron. He also traded arms to terrorists and called Bin Laden “a religious freedom fighter” and gave him and Saddam billions of dollars. Reagan was a traitor to America.

  2. Jâck Côté says:

    What public scrutiny? Ohhh….you mean scrutiny he’s getting from the liberal media! Leave the guy alone…he’s entitled to his opinion.

  3. Derek Devlin says:

    Scrutiny and being asked questions are not the same thing.

  4. Bob Nelson says:

    One is entitled to one’s opinion. They can also invite responses from others, or just say “well I said what I did and won’t further explain”. Thomas is keeping what he says separate from his job as a goaltended. Then again celebs, etc, have been suspended or fired (or at least taken to task) for things said on Facebook or Twitter. (Free speech does not mean you’re immune from rebuttals.) That being said, I agree with Thomas, and Reagan.

  5. donny says:

    I like sunshine, apple pie and nice people.

    Follow me.

  6. Julie the Jarhead says:

    I like cheese … but it doesn’t like me. :(

  7. jjb49 says:

    Tim Thomas should start to worry less about politics and more about bringing another cup to Boston. The distraction to the team is obvious in their performance over the last six games

    1. Jorge Moscoso says:

      here here

      1. Joe says:

        Jorge, you said the following

        “The quote he put out yesterday talks about comming after the unions. Where was he when his pasrty took away union bargaining powers in Wisconsin?”

        You answered your own question. He believes unions need less collective bargaining rights for the collective good of the larger population which can’t pay for their demands anymore. Why would he argue with the party that finally did just that and stood up to their bush league wanabe mafia tactics?

      2. buzzardbill says:

        Tim will exhibit the same fortitude and bravery when they come after his union. What? Thet did? He kept his mouth shut shut? Nevermind.

    2. RealTalk says:

      Or maybe you should worry less about hockey and start paying attention to politics….ALOT of really shady stuff going on in our world. Stuff that if this continues then it will effect every single one of us sooner rather then later. Tim realizes we are crossing a VERY dangerous bridge right now and if you dont pay very close attention then you have no idea what that is. What Tim is doing is much bigger then hockey. The Entertainment industry is as big as it is today because it is a distraction to keep your mind off what is really going on.

      1. Jorge Moscoso says:

        actually we do. The quote he put out yesterday talks about comming after the unions. Where was he when his pasrty took away union bargaining powers in Wisconsin? It seems to me that he wants to have it both ways. When you are a public figure as he is, you got to take responsibilty for what you put out there. There is nothing private about Facebook, you know it and he knows it. What he is doing is the equivalent of a hit and run. He basically is this election year Joe the Plumber on skates. Except that at lest Joe the Plumber had the guts to answer questions.

      2. RealTalk says:

        If you truely understood what was going on jorge then you’d have no problem with him speaking out. In my opinion more athletes and public figures need to speak out to make sleeping sheep wake up to the real world around them. I applaud him and hope he continues to do what he is doing. This ground is being run into the ground on purpose….now go and research why. Once you do then you wont have any problem with what he is doing. Watch Documentaries like “Fall of the republic”, “Money Masters” or “The Greatest Truth Never told”.. these are available for free on youtube with so many more as well. What tim is trying to do is way above a game. Its about life and what the people that control our lives are up to. Until you understand this, you will never agree with what tim is doing. He cant fight small battles in wisconsin because then you’d be saying what about Michigan, or what about vermont or what about oklahoma….educate yourself, the amount of information out there that you have no idea about is overwhelming disturbing.

      3. RealTalk says:

        *Country* not ground, i got ahead of myself while typing and used the wrong word.

      4. buzzardbill says:

        Thank God none of these shenanigans and “really shady stuff”went on before the current administration came into office. W did nothing to get us here near that VERY dangerous bridge right now (emphasis on RIGHT). And sports isn’t part of “the entertainment industry”?

      5. Jorge Moscoso says:

        Real you right about one thing, there is a lot of shady stuff going on in our world. Once upon a time, the dream of most of us was to find a job at a factory or if you were lucky work for the town or state. Then join the union, work your ass off for 40 years, then retire and hopefully have that union pension. What the reps are doing is indeed dangerous. Their strategy is simple and brilliant. Because traditionally unions always back Democrats; if you squeeze the unions, you cut off funding for the Democratic party. In the meantime, they pass all these pro-corporation policies. Since all corporations lean overwhelmingly republican, they will have always plenty of money to influence elections. Viola! you and I are screwed. Is that paying enough attention to you?

    3. Tim69 says:

      You are an idiot! You can’t have a facebook acount that you post your opinions without being distracted from your job? You just don’t like his conservative veiwpoint you liberal hypocrit!

  8. sean says:

    Maybe the media should only focus on his hockey and less on his facebook. If people want to read what he posts that’s their choice just as it is his to post it. Just like watching TV, if you don’t like what’s on then change the channel.

  9. spr says:

    Thomas says he believes in freedom to express beliefs as an individual, yet he deleted all the comments on his Facebook page that did not agree with his opinion. He says his posts are private, yet his page can be seen by anyone with an account, even though Facebook offers plenty of security options that can make a profile essentially “private”.

    Just shut your mouth and play hockey PLEASE..i didnt realize the conservative foil to sean penn played goalie for the B’s

    1. Jorge Moscoso says:

      he did not like my questions in Facebook either
      and then he blocks me
      what a hero!

      I will never forgive him if he ruins the Bruins season

  10. Paul Piccuito says:

    Thomas is a selfish loser. Trade this bum, Rask is better

    1. Joe says:

      Which union do you work for Paul?

      1. buzzardbill says:

        NHL Players Union. Just kidding I’m an owner.

  11. Joe says:

    I would like everyone to put their political views aside for a second and answer this question truly honestly and objectively. Picture this comment posted on his Facebook page.

    “I stand by president Obama and congress and support their vision of universal healthcare for every man woman and child in America. Including the right of coverage for all forms of women’s healthcare and regardless of immigration status”.

    If that were his Facebook post, would the media be showing up at his locker for clarification of said comment? Would the same scrutiny of his personal life exist in a Bush whitehouse? Would this debate even crack the smallest segment of the nightly news broadcast? Would there be as many articles written in local and national papers each day demanding clarification? Mostly, would this be as big a story as it is?

    These questions require a one word answer only. Very simply…… YES or NO?

    1. buzzardbill says:

      But he didn’t say that. And Fox would be reaming him for weeks or longer.if he had.

    2. Jorge Moscoso says:

      Joe, I think he will still be asked to comment on those posting. The thing here is that it really doesn’t matter whether he is republican or Democrat. Thomas happens to stand out like a sore thumb. He is a Stanley Cup champion, MVP, Olympic silver medal winner. He is on top of a soap box right now. He is not the proverbial tree in forest here. He has to be a man, take responsibility for his what he posts, and answer the questions. The answer to your question is an emphatic YES.

    3. George Bush says:

      Do the Dixie Chicks ring a bell Chief?

    4. Jorge Moscoso says:

      or Susan Sarandon, or Michael Irvin and Brendon Ayanbadejo in support of gay marriage. These people said what they had to say and answered questions. They did not hide behind the fifth.
      Since we are having this conversation, I would like to know Tim Thomas’ opinion on not allowing muslins to build a mosque so close to the WTC. My take is that he is grandstanding and I also think that he did not go to the white house because one of his guys is not there. He is just following the bit of the drum of his right wing buddies.

    5. donny says:


      Yes, wonderful suggestion – let’s ALL put our political views aside and answer your political question.

      Then we can all hold our breath and breathe.

      No thanks, Joe. Just continue blaming “the media” boogieman. That seems to work for your argument …unless “the media” is touting your party line. I got it.

  12. Joe says:

    I’ll start…….. No!

    1. George Bush says:

      Yes, Joe, you are just wrong and simple minded.

    2. donny says:


      Joe went first! AND answered NO!

      Never saw that coming.

  13. PeteM says:

    Since the mainstream media has a serious rightward tilt especially when it comes to questions that the Republicants would rather were tilted in their direction, we see the negative side or no coverage of Obama’s accomplishments (except on MSNBC). It’s because regardless of the facts of a story the important thing is the drama, that they can make out of it. It more exciting and nearly 100% less helpful!
    Cheer up though I’m sure President Romney will be a lot less awful than W…

  14. John says:

    Tim, you should just shut up and play hockey. I get that you are a republican. You made out very well with the Bush tax cuts. Free money is nice. Understand that the money Bush gave you was borrowed, and we have to pay back the principle and interest on your tax cut. The money we gave you would probably fund several teachers, police or firefighters. Bush concidered you as a job creator. We all know that as a golie, you are in a great position to create jobs. You are a Rerpublican because you are greedy, and the Democrats want to get rid of the free givaway to a job creator such as yourself. Just shut up and play hockey. If you don’t want to be criticized then just shut up. Please….

  15. Ryan says:

    Backlash for quoting Reagan? What is this country coming to. We are sinking so fast and there is no Reagan on the horizon to save us this time…

    7 things every family should have before an economic collapse.

    1. Geroge Bush says:

      Reagan was the worst President ever, he bankrupted America. We went from the largest creditor nation to the largest debtor nation under Ron. He also traded arms to terrorists and called Bin Laden “a religious freedom fighter” and gave him and Saddam billions of dollars. Reagan was a traitor to America.

  16. Jorge Moscoso says:

    hey Tim,
    I also like quotes too … but can you give us something that you thought on your own for a change?
    please pretty please

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