BOSTON (CBS) — Rob Gronkowski’s ankle severely limited him in the Super Bowl, but his postgame partying in Indianapolis led some to believe that the injury wasn’t as serious as originally reported.

As it turns out, the injury was serious enough to require arthroscopic surgery, which was performed on Friday. Sources confirmed to WBZ-TV that the surgery was successful and the recovery period is about 10 weeks.

Gronkowski averaged 5.6 catches for 82.9 yards per game this season, catching 17 touchdown passes and scoring once more on a rushing attempt. After catching 10 passes for 145 yards and three touchdowns against the Broncos in the divisional round of the playoffs, he suffered an ankle injury in the AFC Championship Game.

He was limited to just two catches for 26 yards in the Super Bowl, his second-worst game in terms of production this season.

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  1. Michele says:

    Get well soon Gronk!! Cannot wait til next season.

  2. blueman23 says:

    This mention of the party after the SB story should be over by now. Whenever Gronk’s name is mentioned in a news article, it seems the media needs to attach that storyline to him.
    Not sure about others but I think Gronk would have played better if it was at all possible. The shirtless “dancing” by Gronk and LT Matt Light may have looked bad to those upset over a tough loss, and was something certain players would not do, such as Rodney Harrison said in his ESPN radio interview (don’t see Bruschi, Troy Brown, etc. doing this either…).
    But everybody is different and these players might have felt like distracting themselves from the frustration and chose to blow off some steam. Definitely not the activity for everybody that suffers a loss. Just look at Brady’s reaction, beside himself about it, stared down at the floor with a towel over his head….we need to move on now. IT’S OVER! Pats need to rebuild, play and coach better if they’re ever going to win another SB game….just sayin’

  3. PATS247 says:

    Ok so after taking a week off from football, I must say like all I am truly disappointed with the game. The Patriots played bad at times and good at times they choose the worst time to have to much bad in one game. Its easy to blame Wes because he dropped the ball, but look ahead of that and the miss by Hernandez, and Branch who could have come close to running into the end zone had he made the catch. Even Tom missed a wide open Welker, I think anyone looking at the game film would see that. The Giants played well and caught the breaks, thats what it takes to win you need some help and breaks (fumbles) they got. One thing that stands out to me is the play calling of Kevin Gilbride the offensive coordinator, he always has a plan that works it never seems to be the same, I thought he did a great job. Yes Eli got some passes high and there players were able to get them when you think they would have missed them or dropped but luck is a part of the game. As I started I was disappointed at the outcome but taking a week off to think about it we had a great season considering all the patch work with the defense. Thanks guys for a great season :)

  4. Ruff Ryder says:

    I hope it improves his dancing !!!!

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