NORTH READING (CBS) – Everybody made it out of a frightening house fire in North Reading, except for the family dog.

The homeowner ran back in to grab Brecka, but despite her efforts, the little pup nearly didn’t make it.

SkyEye was over Carriage Drive in North Reading as a team of firefighters huddled around the dog wrapped in blanket.

WBZ-TV’s Jim Armstrong reports

They gave her oxygen, worried about whether or not she’s inhaled too much smoke. Now she’s feeling just fine.

The small fire filled the home with smoke. The three-year-old dog was so scared that she actually went deeper inside the house and hid upstairs.

Once rescuers found her and made sure she was safe, she was running around the cul-de-sac like nothing had happened. She headed to the veterinarian’s office for a check up just to be sure.

  1. Rymes says:

    I grew up in Wisconsin, and will never fegort the feeling of being outside in the snow, returning in to a warm house, with fire and the contentement and thankfulness it provided. I think it is different the warming up process, rather than being hot and getting into a/c? Possibly it takes longer to actually warm up? Well, and a fire adds romance to all memories.Christmas lights that sparkle on the snow are the best ever.

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