Longtime WBZ Host Dave Maynard Dies

BOSTON (CBS) – Longtime WBZ host Dave Maynard died Thursday in Citrus Hills, Florida, after a long battle with Parkinson’s disease.

He was 82 years old.

Maynard was a fixture in Boston television and radio for 48 years. He began his career in 1952 at WHIL radio [now WXKS] and then moved on to WORL radio, working as a rock ‘n’ roll disc jockey at both stations.

In 1965 he began hosting Community Auditions, a talent showcase that ran on WBZ-TV for 21 years and highlighted amateur Boston talent.

WBZ Remembers Maynard

In 1979 he began doing talk radio on the night shift from 12 A.M. to 5 A.M. One of Maynard’s most memorable on-air moments was one summer night when he kept a suicidal caller on the air for over an hour, saving the man’s life by tracking down his whereabouts.

maynard2 Longtime WBZ Host Dave Maynard Dies

Dave Maynard

One year later, Maynard was offered the position of WBZ radio’s morning man taking over for Carl deSuze who moved to the afternoon shift.

Peter Casey, Director of Programming for WBZ NewsRadio 1030 released the following statement:

“All of New England and the WBZ family has lost a radio icon and a treasured friend today. Dave Maynard ruled the airways and owned a special place in our hearts for many years. He was a Hall of Fame caliber broadcaster from the very first day here at WBZ. Generations of broadcasters learned how to be a communicator, entertainer, and friend from Dave Maynard. He was a pioneer at using the power of his voice and his radio program to raise money for worthy causes here in New England and set the standard on how to help his neighbors by being a friend on the radio.”

Mike Maynard on his father’s legacy

Maynard in the Morning, was number one for all of its eleven-year run.

During this time he also appeared on “Evening Magazine” as their resident chef and was the originator of “The Phantom Gourmet” radio program. Maynard also wrote three cookbooks.

The first Dave Maynard Tried and True Secret Family Recipe Late Night Cook Book was a compilation of his late night listener’s secret recipes.

Dave once said of the show, “I loved the rapport that I had with my listeners. Many became like family. The show was always full of surprises. Some mornings I’d sing along with Olga or banter with Weldon. Granny Brown always had something to say as well as Genarosa. I was some 44 years at WBZ. Think of that, almost 50 years in one market and I didn’t even know where the bodies were buried!”

Classic “Maynard In The Morning” Spot

On December 1, 1983, Mayor Kevin White of Boston proclaimed “Dave Maynard Day” in celebration of Maynard’s 25 years at WBZ. In 1990, Maynard moved to the mid-day shift. Maynard announced his retirement from radio in mid June of 1991.

He won the Massachusetts Broadcaster of the Year award in 1999.

His “Piece of Cake” television commercials were not only hilarious they won 2 Gold Medals at the International Film and Television Festival in New York City and a New England Emmy.

Dave Maynard and Robert Parish

Throughout the years Maynard’s community involvement was quite extensive.

He raised money for Children’s Hospital through The Children’s Hospital Telethon and The Farm Stand since 1982.

On April 11, 1988, he helped run “The Children’s Hospital Penny Drive” which raised $13,955.97–all in pennies.

He raised more than three-quarters of a million dollars for the hospital with the annual Farm Stand event. Maynard was also involved with Easter Seals, Muscular Dystrophy and Eye Research.

hall Longtime WBZ Host Dave Maynard Dies

A photo of WBZ-AM's Morning Team from 2009 at the Hall of Fame induction. (Photo credit: Michael Epstein, WBZ News Radio 1030)

In 1982 Dave organized a nationwide campaign to find a liver donor for Jamie Fiske. The appeal was successful, a donor was found.

Born in Larchmont, New York, Maynard graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Emerson College and received a Master of Communications from Boston University.

He also taught at Boston University for 17 years in the Communications Department. He was an avid traveler, gourmet cook and golfer.

Maynard leaves behind a wife, six children and nine grandchildren.

  • macmum

    I remember listening to him in the morning on the way to work everyday. It never occured to me to listen to a music station when I could get news, traffic, weather and all in an entertaining format to get me through the commute. Its very sad to hear that he is now officially “off the air”. RIP Dave, we love you and will miss you!

    • Teach55

      Dave was great. His wit unsurpassed. Loved his quips and puns with Elliot Abrams before or during weather reports. We need more of that. The best were his recipes for Thanksgiving and the woman who called in hysterically laughing because her turkey exploded because a can had fallen inside it during preparation. The conversation and the remarks from Dave truly made that Thanksgiving pleasant. He will be sorely missed. Announcers today need to take a lesson from what he did and try to improve their work to be as well rounded as he was. Memory Eternal.

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  • Joseph

    Dave Maynard was at WBZ well before 1965: He joined WBZ Radio in 1958 as a DJ, and for years in the 1960’s was one of Boston’s top rock ‘n roll DJ’s.

    He was at WBZ for 33 years.

    • Beverly

      Mention Community Auditions to any Boston born and bred Baby Boomer
      and they’ll say Gene Jones, Sunday mornings. Your grandfather is still
      very much remembered

  • bcpnpt

    We will miss everything about Dave – his radio show, the talent show, the Farm Stand, his cook books, his commercials, his caring and of course…his voice.
    Rest in Peace, Mr. Maynard. We love you !

  • Larry Hartnett

    My wife, Barbara Hartnett, who passed away this past January 15th & I I traveled with Dave and Pat Maynard on many occasions to China, the Panama Canal, Italy & other locations in the 80’S and 90’s and always had a great time. My heart goes out to Pat in this most difficult time. May God ease your sorrow

    Larry Hartnett, Maynard, Ma

  • Paul Anderson

    Jess Cain, Carl deSuze, now Dave Maynard. The old morning Boston AM radio personalities are gone.

  • radiotable

    As a star of the day participant, I feel a great loss.

  • karen s

    “star of the day, who will it be ……” another memory from my years in massachusetts, starting with college in the early 70s. those radio voices became like family and friends during all nighters. the fund raisers for children’s, including the farm stand. good times, good people. rest in peace dave. thanks for the memories.

  • judy

    Dave Maynard was my sister in laws father.. he was a good man and loved very much… we will miss you dearly

  • Charlie

    Dave Maynard was a 100% class act. Rest in Peace, Dave. Godspeed!

    • Kristin


  • Ron T

    In addition to listening to him on my car radio, I also loved his outrageous funny tv skit ads!

    I’ll always remember the funny skit, with him dressed as a football player, running down the field to catch a pass from Doug Flutie, but he forgets to turn around, and the football nails him dead center in the back of his helmet, Hysterical!!

  • Ron Hurst

    I remember when Dave Maynard dj’d a dance at Blackburn Hall in Walpole back in the mid ’60s. The next morning, on his Sunday radio show on WBZ, Dave mentioned the dance and also how he forgot the boots that he wore that night.

    Within minutes, I went to the Walpole Police Department, told them the story and, in turn, they gave me the key to the building. I went to the stage and just behind the curtain were Dave’s boots.

    I called WBZ with my discovery and to my delight, they said the station employee who lives near Walpole was legendary evening DJ Bruce Bradley. At the time, Bruce was a resident of nearby Canton. On Monday afternoon, there was a knock on the front door of my home and, sure enough, there was Bruce to pick-up Dave Maynard’s boots.

    Since WBZ was the absolute radio king in New England in the mid ’60s, this was a HUGE deal for me. Probably not so much for Bruce. :)

    I’m shocked and saddened by Dave’s passing.

    • Ford Michaels

      when I worked in greenfield in the early 80s, i drove all night to listen to bruce on yny-fm in new york. he was an awesome talent, too.

      • Ron H

        Bruce sure was, Ford. Also when he was on WHN, NY.

    • madcosta

      OMG! I forgot about Bruce Bradley. Dave, Carl, Bruce, Dick Summers were all great DJs. I miss those guys and those days in Boston.

  • Michael Putnam

    I remember sitting in the audience of Commuity Auditions during their Saturday afternoon tapings. My tv instructor at Cambridge School of Broadcasting in 1964 was Lou Iaccuessa who was also the show’s director. He would have us as plants in the audience. Dave was a great host. We also listened to him everyday on the radio. He will be missed

    • Kerry

      I am the grandaughter of Gene Jones, the original host of Community Auditions from August 23, 1950 to February 1967. I have many, many magazine and newspaper articles to back my statement. My grandfather was hosting the 1964 show then and Dave Maynard was doing only the commericials while my grandfather was hosting the show. Therefore, your statement is wrong.

    • Roger Ormon

      Mike, the thing I remember was ‘Record Sop Hop.’ It was Dave’s version of ‘American Bandstand’ on WBZ TV about 1958. He would sign-up dancers at record hops. I got on just once or twice, but some of my friends in Squantum were “regulars.” We did a float in the July 4th parade which I have a picture of.
      Roger Ormon

      • Bill ABbott

        Roger, Thanks for your post and bringing alive again the many memories of Dave at the Squantum School Auditorium dances and “Record Shop Hop”!. He was a master at his trade and a friend to us all!
        Bill A 790

  • Ford Michaels

    David H (the H stood for heartfelt but today, heartBROKEN) taught me much of what I do well, and ALL of what I do right.

  • Mike Bent

    I was on “Community Auditions” three times, it was the first time I performed magic on television! Dave was a really nice guy, a true gentleman! He will be missed!

  • Tom Groves

    Worked with and for Dave for 10 years from the mid 70s to the mid 80s and he was a class act. Just as nice in real life as he came across on the radio and tv. I miss him already. Rest in peace buddy.

  • JaniN

    Anyone who had the pleasure of meeting Dave, remembers the occasion fondly. Also, so many of us ‘turned into him’ on a daily basis, he became part of our lives. You will be greatly missed.

    • dowdy

      I had the pleasure of caddying for Dave at Superanaughts Golf Course in Bolton (now The International Golf Course) in 1964. He stopped talking only to swing. Best tip I ever got there.

  • LEO


  • Dean Eaton

    Dave Maynard was a must-listen in the morning in our house (although my mom was also a Jess Cain fan). But Dave loved his city and gave back so much more than he ever received. The worst thing for me about getting older is seeing the old pros leave us, one by one. Dave was in a class by himself.

  • Steve

    The Ryan Seacrest/American Idol show host of the 60’s. RIP Dave!

  • Paulette

    I still recall–and have a cassette recording–of the time Richard Simmons joined him on Maynard in the Morning. They were hilarious together. I will listen to that tonight as I fondly remember the joy and class Dave brought to talk radio. There is simply no one comparable to him in radio today. Godspeed, Dave, thanks for the laughs.

  • rdtelman

    Dave had the unique opportunity to have worked every time slot over the years he was at WBZ. We all considered him as a a friend and welcome him into our home via radio for many years. WBZ had a unique quality and signal reach in the night time hours. A after dark reach of 30+ states. Many on-air personalities have worked the airwaves through WBZ over the years, and he made many friends over the years he spent at WBZ Radio and WBZ-TV. Another legend has moved on. God speed Davey.

  • Nancy Nolan

    DaveMaynard and Jess Cain ruled the airwaves. As a kid I remember hearing them both on the radio. God Bless them! They are missed.

  • Bruce

    So many well deserved accolades to a man who cared nothing about accolades. He was so humble. We all grew up with Dave and all his programs. Like someone said earlier, the sad thing about ourselves getting older is we’re loosing all these legends along the way. RIP Dave; you genuinely will be missed

  • frank

    I was in college in the 1970’s and I knew who Dave Maynard was from my childhood days listening to British Invasion music on WBZ in the 1960’s. My college roommate and I listened to him faithfully and we talked about him and laughed with him. I remember waking up one morning while Olga and Dave were harmonizing and it was the sound of sweetness and pure joy. I followed him during his every move on the radio station and I am sincerely sad that he is gone. I have been missing him since his retirement, and I will miss him even more now. RIP Dave, you gave a lot more than you could ever imagine.

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