BOSTON (CBS) – Joe Haggerty of Comcast SportsNet New England joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Felger and Massarotti to talk some Boston Bruins, and recent comments made by goaltender Tim Thomas.

How have Thomas’ comments affected the team? Why won’t Thomas be open and explain his comments?

“I don’t think it’s impacting the team all that much,” said Haggerty. “I honestly think they don’t care. All they care about is him stopping pucks.”

But still, Haggs believes the players are getting sick of having to answer questions about it, and not Thomas himself.

“There has to be annoyance there that he won’t meet this head on and actually talk about it and just open up and answer a lot of these questions and put it to bed. But at the end of the day, as long as he is Tim Thomas best goaltender in the world like he’s been last year during the playoffs and in the past, they’re going to overlook this stuff.”

Felger & Mazz: Getting Sick Of Tim Thomas 

“The big issue, I think, is the unwillingness to talk about it and the unwillingness open up. If you’re a public figure, you’re a professional athlete, you’re using your platform to get this message across. Then to passively aggressively put the message out there and then not talk about it and having this put-off expression and adversarial reaction when people want to ask you questions on it, I think it’s disingenuous and I think it’s ridiculous.”

What has changed in Tim Thomas since last season? Is Thomas taking advantage of an election year?

Has winning awards and a Stanley Cup changed Tim Thomas?

Should there be concern with the way the B’s have been playing?

Comments (10)
  1. Ed Keenan says:

    LEAVE THOMAS alone…He has his rights and is a citizen of the USA……..You media VULTURES are a disgrace

  2. Tom D says:

    Nicely put Ed, with you 120%.

  3. LisamoO says:

    A man stands behind his convictions fully or creates a PRIVATE account in which to voice them but, TT the non-Bruins athlete wouldn’t get as much MEDIA PLAY for voicing them now would he? Cowardice is to PUBLICLY voice a controversial opinion but be unwilling to discuss it in public. I’m sorry to see such a great career hurt.

  4. Trotsky says:

    Thomas more than fully explained his reasoning for declining to accept the White House invite. He made follow up questions irrelevant by being so succinct.

    If he feels he doesn’t want to wax philosophical about a political issue, the media’s insistence won’t do a thing to change that.

  5. Jeff Jackie says:

    Felger, Mazz and Haggerty… Now there us a fair and balanced lineup – three liberals opining on Tim Thomas. We can guess how that segment turned out.

  6. Ronald Gengo says:

    Tim Thomas is absolutely right. I only wish Tom Brady had won because he would have skipped meeting the President. I recall at a Bush State of the Union he was inattendance, and from there he visited the Vatican and met with Johnn Paul II. Tim and Tom think alike just like Felger and Mazz think a like.

    Vince Lombardi and Bart Starr won 5 championships together in the 50’s and 60’s. I quote the great Vince, “Winning is a habit, Unfortunately so is losing.”
    The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.” Winning is not everything-but making the effort to win is.”

  7. Jorge A Moscoso says:

    So Thomas quotes Martin Niemöller, but what bothers me is his HYPOCRISY. Where was he when the Unions in Wisconsin were stripped of their bargaining powers by the Republicans? Where was he while women rights are being slowly taken away by the religious extremists? Where were you Tim? oh I forgot, you are one of them, thus, you are ok with it uh? Now, when asked about your comments you plead the fifth? Only criminals or people who have something to hide do that. In your case, I think you are just a coward and a hypocrite. While you surely have the right to say whatever you want and quote whomever you want, you also have a moral responsibility and duty to respond when asked about your comments. You sure look a lot like Joe the Plumber, but at least he had the stones to answer the questions. Oh and by the way, he blocked my comments and my ability to post more comments on his Facebook page.

  8. Rob from RI says:

    I think Felger and Mazz need to stick to sports talk and stay away from commenting on politics. Their assessment of TT’s comments was way off. And for someone to make a comment like “if TT doesnt like how the American govt work then he should leave” is reprehensible. Furthermore, the only DISTRACTION is stations like the SportsHub and newspapers like the Globe making an issue out of TT’s comments, most likely because they dont agree with them!
    TT- keep up the good work! Go B’s!

  9. ALJ says:

    I just want to comment on Felcher & Spazz; you 2 are THE WORSE contrarian DB’s in all of sports talk radio and broadcasting in general. I didn’t read the article nor most of the comments but saw the photo of Thomas with a headline criticizing him (yes, I see anything the 2 idiots say or post in the form of a question as derogatory and critical).

    I refuse to listen to you because you are both typically WRONG and usually talk BS just to get a rise out of people and boost ratings. You have the opposite affect on intelligent people because they will just NOT LISTEN!

    Whatever your article states, KNOW THIS about being a citizen of the United States, the INDIVIDUAL has the RIGHT to criticize our pathetic government. We have men and women risking their lives each and every day fighting to preserve those rights.

    Matter of fact, our country is in this mess because idiots in the media (government and education as well) like YOU 2 LOSERS have brow beat people into submission by constantly harping on “we don’t talk religion and politics” and people bought into it; after all, the only things important in our Oprah-nation these days are American Idol, the Super Bowl, supporting everything openly gay, “partying” and the next hard-on pill. It is our CIVIC DUTY to pay attention to what our government does but idiots like you don’t think people should voice their opinions UNLESS it agrees with you and the ideology of the extreme progressive left that you share and MOST DON’T!!! And that IS FACT NOT OPINION, Felcher. Poll after poll shows it; LOOK IT UP!!!!!! (That’s WHY it took liberal activist judges to overturn the POPULAR VOTE of the citizenry defining marriage to be between a man and a woman the other day, again, FACT NOT OPINION!!!!).

    Only small, close-minded fools will dislike Thomas as a Bruins goalie because of his personal beliefs when A-holes like you 2 make statements like you make CONSTANTLY AND RELENTLESSLY. You buy into the group think mentality where you want and must control the conversation and you use the power of broadcasting to do it. You cut callers off before they can make their points, you cut them off if you don’t like or agree with what they are saying and that ONLY happens with those in broadcasting who lean to the left and it is quite obvious you 2 do; ESPECIALLY after Spazz’s ignorant comment about Thomas voicing his opinion a few weeks ago.

    You pose a question as to whether Thomas is hurting his image and then you shove your opinion down people’s throats as if everyone should buy and believe it as fact! If not, why state it and open it for debate then ridicule people the way you 2 losers do when they don’t drink your Kool.-Aid?

    Did you 2 losers say anything when Schilling got reamed for openly supporting Bush by that libloser, John Henry who then turned and openly supported Kerry days later? NO; not even a mention. Did you chastised libloser Theo “the golden boy’ Epstein when he dissed the Bush White House TWICE?!?!?! NOOOOO!!!

    Did you LOSERS dissing Thomas also notice how he was one of the LOUDEST applauded players at the All-Star game? I guess they don’t share your small-minded opinions of his political beliefs in Canada.

    In closing Felcher & Spazz, SHUT THE F*&*K UP AND STICK TO SPORTS AND THOMAS’ PERFORMANCE AS A GOALIE!!! You aren’t qualified to talk sports, never mind politics!

  10. Peteo says:

    There are more important things in ife than sniffing jocks Felger. Thomas had the stones to say the emperor has no clothes and he is right. Who the bleep are you two worms to say he can’t?

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