Car Crashes Through Haverhill Home For The Fifth Time

By Beth Germano, WBZ-TV

HAVERHILL (CBS) – If lightning doesn’t strike twice, Haverhill homeowner Jim Curtis has a hard time believing it. He was sitting at the computer in his Amesbury Street home when an SUV plowed through the front wall landing in the living room.

“When I heard the squealing tires, I got up and the car came through right in front of me,” said Curtis.

But since his family first owned the house in 1954, it’s happened at least five times. Another car came through the same wall fifteen years ago, and nearly every side of the house has been hit. In this case, police say a teenage driver was making a left turn at a busy intersection in front of the house when he lost control.

WBZ-TV’s Beth Germano reports

“He wanted to make sure I was OK and then said he never wanted to drive again,” says Curtis. The living room is now strewn with debris from couch to chair to splintered wood, and a television that was in front of the wall is likely damaged. Fortunately the main beams on the antique home were not hit.

Curtis says the house sits at an intersection where cars accelerate and round the corner too fast, often squealing as they go. “They just push the gas all the way down and take off,” he said.

While he acknowledges his unlucky location, he has a solution and would like to petition the state to put a guardrail in front of his home. “I’m feeling a little nervous standing right here,” he said.

Police say the driver has been cited for the accident, and while Curtis is frustrated, he’s more inconvenienced with the repairs that will have to be made.

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  • Baldy Kirby from Atlanta

    Please stand up when you speak – when you talk while sitting, you sound like you’re talking through a pillow…..

  • Frank Hicks Healy

    I have read about similar accidents. When the city does put up a guard rail the drivers who hit it sue the city for putting a guard rail up.

    • Sam Hill

      With no guard rail, the home owner can sue the driver. Either way the driver gets sued.

      That being said, I doubt many suits are won against cities putting up guard rails for safety reasons.

      • Jim Laubscher

        Simple, plant a couple of paulonia trees in two years no car can get through it.

      • Dead Beaters

        Astoundingly simple to win a judgment.

        Much more difficult to collect.

      • Randy

        Bamboo. 1/2 year. impenetrable. Except I don’t know if they climate there will support it.

    • kmrod

      for $500-$750 he can but railroad ties sticking up out of the ground, leaving about 3′ exposed with the other 5′ buried.

      that should stop a car.

    • Steve S in Ft. Lauderdale

      I had my house driven into in 1997. I thought about putting dragon teeth in the front lawn then to prevent a second occurrance. If it happens a second time I will have a moat and dragon teeth for landscaping. I would seriously consider moving if it happened five times in my lifetime.

  • rob4lsu

    @John Paulstrom Southwalk
    you my friend are insane

    • Norbert

      ESAD you loser.

    • Sam Hill

      I agree, Southwalk is insane, or he’s doing a great imitation of an insane man. All he’s got to defend his positions are degenerate, low IQ, moronic insults. He couldn’t even win a debate with a first grader. Just ignore him, he’s not worth the trouble.

      • ikowmorethenyou

        Once again, dismissing people as insane while not being able to state ones argument on facts. You both are very ignorant people (sam & Badpenny) but keep it up. The world is full of you :)

      • Yousirareachild

        This is also coming from the person that doesn’t understand there are two kinds of fluoride just like there are many kinds of Nitrogen (ones present in the atmosphere, and one present in soil, fertilizer ect… Take some chem classes or STFU

    • BadPenny

      I guess Southwalk hasnt realized that life expectancy has INCREASED. But that would take an IQ and like any typical liberal, he projects his own shortcoming on others.

      • ignorancewillbeignorance

        If you ready the post about life expectancy way below on this page in reply to yours. You would see that you are very wrong about what you speak of.

    • BadPenny

      Typical liberal, projecting their shortcomings on others.

  • greg

    Given the perverse leftist ideology in California the homeowner would be responsible for damages to the car, as well as psycho treatment to the driver. Am surprised Mass hasn’t completely gone off that deep end yet given the idiots that run that state.

    • TP320


  • Mr.Fitnah

    Yeah those Curtis have always been a problem , have been thinking of driving over there myself

  • john

    2 words: guard rail.

  • SpankySpankster

    Bush’s fault!

    • Classic! It just MUST have been Bush's fault!


  • Elle

    A house built in 1954 is hardly antique…

    • Paul

      I was built in 1953 and sure do feel like an antique. LOL

    • Sammie jo

      The house wasn’t built in 1954, that’s when they first owned it.
      Has the homeowner thought about putting up a wrought iron fence?

    • chris

      Elle – I just know I shouldn’t bother to point this out, but the article says the family has lived there and owned the house since 1954. Nowhere does it say that the house was “built” in 1954.

  • John

    They really need to regulate these out of control SUVs. I know they have drivers behind them, but these SUVs really have a mind of their own.

  • CalM.

    5 times, and this guy hasn’t insisted on a guardrail or put some boulders around his property? He’s asking for it! No sympathy if, next time, he gets hurt or killed.

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    I thought Billy Joel still lived on Long Island and ran his vehicle-based demolition company there?

  • jslab129

    You would think after 2 or three times he would have put his own guardrail up. Or at least some big rocks.

    • Mike

      ^ Only sensible comment on here. while everyone else is busy finding ways to insult each other for no reason, this guy actually has a solution. Put some big ass rocks in the front yard. Problem solved!

    • jim

      murray “sumner redstone” rothstein. Testing desperation censorship tactics of dying corporations like Viacom.

  • Mark Harrington

    “Car Crashes Through Haverhill Home For The Fifth Time”

    Wow, that’s one tough car!

  • Lickerface

    Which Kennedy did it this time?

    • jim

      Testing this.

  • Michael

    Depending on the angles and speed, guard rails or boulders may not help. The vehicle may be catapulted over the barrier and keep going. A concrete wall of sufficient height and depth would be better.

  • W.C. Varones

    What a maroon.

    Why wouldn’t you put some boulders on the perimeter of the property?

    • bill

      I was just going to suggest this. There is a house at a T intersection in our town and the home owner had the good sense to strategically place 2 huge landscaping rocks on the front lawn. Many serious wrecks on the rocks and not one has made it to the house.

    • postofficemike

      Because he’s a “maroon”, just like you!

  • NeoKong

    There’s a new invention called a wall.

    • PHilton

      Yup!!! Can buy em at the local Wallmart.

      • :D

        I bought a wall at a 7-11 before. It was terrible. The car drove right through it!

  • Chris

    There are probably some laws that will prohibit him from putting up any defensive barriers that might cause harm to someone that careens off the road at a high speed. This is why post office boxes, sign posts, street lights, etc. have to be mounted on breakaway mountings. We have to protect these idiot drivers from themselves. Chalk another one up for playground safety and all attempts by nature to “cull the herd.”

  • - PECAN Group

    […] SOURCE   […]

  • Paul D

    W style guardrails. End of story.

  • Carlton McLemore

    “Our house, in the middle of our street…”

  • stoptouchingthatmabel

    They should have installed a toll lane three crashes ago.

  • Bob Conners

    Sign at said intersection: “SMILE… YOU’RE ON CAMERA”

    $30 dummy traffic cam…

    Problem solved!

    • Kyle Bartley

      Traffic cameras do nothing to prevent accidents. At least they have not in Brittan where they have a million of them. All they do is generate income for the government. A fake speed camera would be less than useless.

      • James

        Local town installed “Your Speed” signs with built in radar and light up display. Mounted below the actual speed limit sign. Motorists actually increased speed to see the sign flashing their speed in red lights. The signs were gone after a month. I think it was a trial run that failed.

  • Sarurday Morning Grumpy Daily Headlines | Grumpy Opinions

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  • Lars

    Anyone who denigrates others simply for disagreeing with their own point of view can be described in one word: LIBERAL You probably still live in your parents basement, as you clearly have no social skills if you feel it necessary to insult total strangers on a blog. You are a sad, pathetic excuse for a human being. For someone like you to proclaim your so called superior knowledge about a completely unrelated topic proves you clearly have no life. Close the basement door on your way back down.

    • Really?

      Says the name caller. Pot meet kettle.

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