By Jim Armstrong, WBZ-TV

YARMOUTH (CBS) – Patricia Reid’s house got picked clean Wednesday — in the middle of the afternoon.

Someone kicked down her door and went through everything. They even tore open her refrigerator and her pantry, stealing her food.

Among the more costly items, robbers made off with, “Mostly jewelry, silver, silver coins, a lot of collectibles,” says Reid. “They stole my son’s clothes. They dumped every drawer out and took a lot of his clothes with them.”

WBZ-TV’s Jim Armstrong Reports

Her house is only the most recent one hit. At least six others have been robbed over the past two weeks in Yarmouth alone.

All of them have happened in broad daylight.

“That’s a rash and that’s very serious,” according to Deputy Chief Steven Xiarhos of the Yarmouth Police Department.

“They’re pretty brash to be doing it in broad daylight,” he continued. “They’re forcing their way into homes.

People are at work or out shopping and these people are actually kicking in doors or breaking in windows.”

In Wednesday afternoon’s case, they almost got caught.

A friend of Reid’s son knocked on the door as the thieves were ransacking the place. He must have spooked them, because they immediately took off.

“I would say they’re getting a lot more brazen and there’s a lot more surveillance going on,” said Yarmouth Patrolman Chris Marino, who responded to the burglary at Reid’s home. “They’re not just hitting a random house.”


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