This year’s Super Bowl halftime show went off without a hitch, unless you count M.I.A. flipping everyone the finger for a few seconds. Yes that’s right, someone raised their middle finger unaccompanied by any other fingers.

Well the Parent’s Television Council wasn’t happy and issued a statement to voice their displeasure. The PTC rates television shows to help let parents know what shows might not be right for children to watch.

They use a color scale with green being family friendly shows, yellow being shows that contain adult-oriented themes that might not be suitable for youngsters and red being unsuitable for children.

So T&R came up with a little game with some of the shows the PTC has rated. Play along as Fred and Wallach try to guess the ratings for shows like Fear Factor and Will & Grace.


Comments (2)
  1. Rex Montana says:

    Chuck D is a prophet, sans the silly hat:

    Caught in my smoke – all they did was choke
    Look at my spokes – you know I’m no joke
    Out that window – middle finger for all

    My Oldsmobile 98 is now defunct, but not the funk. Out of my window – middle finger for all.


  2. Rex Montana says:

    The Super Bowl is about raw competition. The Parents’ Television Council can suck it.

    Wrong show. Try Sesame Street.

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