REVERE (CBS) – He looks like any other customer, but the man seen moving a lot of things out of a Revere storage facility is a crook.

Police said the thief broke into dozens of storage units over 10 days and used a cart to wheel out other people’s belongings.

In one instance, cameras spotted the suspect opening a security gate with someone else’s access code, before parking his vehicle out back.

WBZ-TV’s Jonathan Elias reports

Sgt. Steven Pisano of the Revere Police Department said they had trouble making out the license plate on the vehicle. “In one instance it had been covered up,” said Pisano.

Following televised reports, police received information that led them to arrest 40-year-old Daniel C. Stimpson Tuesday night.

Police say Stimpson, who lives in Winthrop, faces eight charges in connection with the thefts, but that number will likely rise.

He will be arraigned in Chelsea District Court Wednesday morning.

On surveillance video,  the suspect was spotted picking out a storage locker, apparently at random. He then pulled something from his belt and forced open the lock.

During his initial break-ins, the suspect would swipe stuff by the armful, but he quickly graduated to loading up a handcart with stolen TV’s, guitars, and tools that he’d then roll out to his getaway car.

“He’s very comfortable with what he has been doing,” said Sgt. Pisano. “It’s like a kid taking a cookie out of a cookie jar.”

It was only after several customers encountered those broken locks and reported things missing that police requested a bin-to-bin inspection, which revealed 79 break-ins.

The thefts came to a sudden stop on Jan. 26.

By then, police were combing through surveillance clips, noting the crook becomes more camera-aware over time by concealing his face at the gate and hiding behind his hoodie as he rolls off with the stolen booty.

Police aren’t sure if suspect was pawning it or selling the items on the street.

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  1. emom says:

    OK I have a crazy question,, Over that last month we have seen multiple surveillance videos and assistance from the public to identify the criminals.. At some point does any business start to think, They need surveillance cameras to snap a far clearer photo, hat a video that is not grainy needs to be used. I think over the last year there has been only ONE video or photo that was put out to the public to identify the criminal.
    We have two crimes tonight and the photos and videos are grainy and or blurry..
    COME ON FOLKS we have the technology to produce crystal clear photos and videos, even with sound,, Oh I forgot,,, we cant do that in this state,, Or can we… Why cant these cameras be put in areas at face level, Why do they have to be always at the ceiling height,, the criminal knows the are up there so they come in wearing hoods and hats, or just bow their heads,, FACE LEVEL,, as they walk in the stores, banks or were ever…… you would think banks of all places would have a better security system… what ever happened to the metal grates they once had at the tellers counter// bullet proof glass, why is it there is no security for the tellers. It has become a nation of easy for a criminal these days. sure some get caught but it can take months to find them.
    SO why can they not install BETTER CAMERAS…

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