BOSTON (CBS) – Boston police are increasing patrols at a few Jewish institutions around the city due to the heightened tensions in the Middle East.

Patrols will be increased at the Israeli Consulate at Park Plaza, a synagogue in the West End, and the Jewish Philanthropies on High Street.

“Our Safe Street Team regularly patrols in the vicinity of the Israeli Consulate,” police said in a statement. “There is no specific threat locally, but we do maintain close contact and constant communication with the Department of Homeland Security and our other federal partners.”

Late last month, the Israeli Consulate was evacuated after package addressed to the center indicated it contained anthrax. No anthrax was ever found.

  1. Cynic says:

    Is the role of the United States to do Isreals bidding in the Middle East?
    It seems like there will be no end to this.
    Isreal will never accept anything but total domination of the area and the others there will never accept Isreali control.
    Does anyone see any solution?
    It will have to be resolved,but HOW?
    Any Ideas?

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