BOSTON (CBS) – When are candy bars not sweet? When they’re used to mock a devastated Patriot.

That’s what the website did on Tuesday, dropping 1,000 Butterfinger candy bars at Copley Square in an effort to mock Patriots receiver Wes Welker for his drop in Super Bowl XLVI.

The stunt came with a price, though, as the city-run service Citizens Connect reported Tuesday afternoon that the city “will be issuing violation for commercial dumping.”

Welker’s drop came with 4:00 left in the fourth quarter and the Patriots leading 17-15. The catch would have set the Patriots up with a first-and-10 inside the Giants’ 20 with a chance to drain the clock and score at least a field goal, which would have forced the Giants to score a touchdown on their final drive. A Patriots touchdown on that drive would have won the game.

People Flock To Grab ButterFingers In Copley 

Alas, the ball hit the turf, and the Patriots lost. Welker, as you can imagine, was devastated after the game.

“It’s one I’ll have to deal with,” Welker said after the game, fighting back tears. “I’ve made that play 1,000 times. … It hit me right in the hands. I mean, it’s a play I never drop. Most critical situation and I let the team down.”

Despite Welker’s disappointment, Pawngo went ahead with Operation: Butterfinger.

Comments (42)
  1. chris says:

    who is pawngo

    am I supposed to care

  2. stephanie says:

    thats so awful! i hope that these people dont call themselves patriots fans, because no matter how disappointed, a TRUE fan would not do that. anyone that saw his press after the game could see how visibly upset he was. leave the poor guy alone! how many catches has he made all season? quite a few.

    1. qwerty1234 says:

      Pats fans are NOT happy. Pawngo is based out of CO.

    2. Ny fan says:

      and he didnt make the catch when it counted though lmao

  3. martinmunson says:

    Wow, what a series of blows to the Pats after the Super Bowl. First you have Gronk hopping around on his ankle like a pogo stick at and now you have an online Pawn Shop pwning Wes Welker. I never thought I’d say this, but please bring on Red Sox season.

  4. Bob Burns says:


    1. martinmunson says:

      I’m with Bob Burns. Not sure how many people out there are reading this story or these comments, but boycott this online rubbish site.

  5. Matt says:

    Well thanks for telling us who to send the Littering Bill to for all 900 lbs of the rubbish left in Copley. Throw in a Congestion Charge too for blocking a public sidewalk. — Sincerely, with much love for Wes.

    The City of Boston

  6. Andrew says:

    A “devastated Patriot”? Who’s to say Welker will be back next year? We have no idea yet.

    You dont want to be mocked? Then make the freaking catch then. You cost all of New England a Super Bowl. If you don’t want to be criticized afterwards, then go play for some crap market like Kansas City or Jacksonville.

    1. Rod Mann says:

      You are an idiot – Welker is one of the best receivers in the game – the pass was marginal at best (behind him and over his sholder) and if he caught it, it would have been one of the best of his career. Go back in your hole!

  7. Jay Kustka says:

    FLood them with emails and tell them how classless a move that was.

    1. magilla guerilla says:

      let’s take a page from monty python and spam them to death. how many spam messages does it take to blow out their server?

  8. George Rodrigues says:

    This company sucks. No class.

  9. Alex C. says:

    Better yet, someone should find out the company headquarters and stage an Anti PawnGo Flash Mob. Picket their asses and do something similar too them. Actually, lets all send empty butterfinger wrappers to them.

  10. Keith G says:

    Other than the crazy, miserable sports yahoos who pride themselves on complaining, I don’t think anyone is hating on Welker besides maybe Welker himself. It was a close game and as such no one play wins or loses it

    The worst part about this is that this company WILL have tons of website hits now and possibly benefit just by getting it’s name out there. The best thing anyone can do to protest this action is to not log onto this site.

  11. Sue Eskenazi Sweeney says:

    Dropping Butterfinger Bars is not good. I like Wes and he does not need to be humilated. He has done incredible well all year.

  12. Captain Al says:

    Why isn’t Mayor Mumbles having the BPD cite these dirtbags for litering? If we did it, you can bet we would pay out the nose.

  13. bob says:

    please fire your webmaster

  14. Tom says:

    Classless act! Wes is a classy guy and this is an awful stunt…Shame!!! Wes, real NE fans know what you mean to this team and want you in that same situation next year to win the SuperBowl!

    1. Rob says:

      Classy guy? Do you remember his press conference last year mocking Rex Ryan about the “sweet smell of de-feet”? He’s a professional athlete that CHOOSES to live in the public eye. And just like any other person, you don’t get to just reap the rewards and praises of good deeds. You have to face the repercussions of shortfalls as well. Like it or not he lost them the game.

  15. oleg says:

    WHAT AN A-HOLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. ellen schloss says:

    what a childish stunt –

  17. Michele says:

    I agree with all of the comments. Wes Welker has made more positive contributions to the Patriots offense, than he has mistakes. He feels bad enough about it, although most real fans know that the Patriots win as a team, and lose as a team. This is what makes them the classiest organization in the NFL. We love our Patriots, and Wes Welker. We will get em next year!!!!!!!!

  18. Will says:

    Everyone needs to write emails to the company saying how terrible and heartless this was!!

  19. Kilroy says:

    Neil O’Donnel threw 2 interception that cost the Steelers a Superbowl win against the Cowboys, his punishment was being traded to the Jets……..Brady a Jet? They would never, or would they?

  20. NFL Scouts says:

    Now ya find out that Welker is to short to play in the NFL and thats why he wasn’t drafted…….oh well

  21. Pats Fan 53 says:

    This act by the pawn shop is absolutely pathetic. It does not show the class that Patriot Nation actually has. One play does not make an entire game.There were several other opportunites for the patriots to win, both on offense, defense, and even specials. First of all this is not even an easy catch to make, however it wasn’t impossible. Although a SB win would make an entire season, one catch doesn’t, as it only woul’ve put us near the 20 yard line. It also irritates me that this pawn shop seems to have forgotten the other 141 times Wes Welker DID catch a pass this year. He’s a great reciever who made a mistake (but wasn’t the only mistake make in the SB) and I ABSOLUTELY hope the Patriots re-sign him this year, as the offense would not run the same without his talents.

  22. donny says:

    Go to their website’s live chat and tell them what you think.

  23. Bubba says:

    This is one of the sorriest things I’ve ever seen. Wes certainly didn’t drop the pass on purpose. Isn’t it time to put this whole thing to bed! By the way, who or what is Pawngo?

  24. Pawngo licks balls says:

    I’m confused, did they think anyone was going to think that was “funny”? Can anyone answer that for me? Can PAWNGO themselves tell me if they think that was funny?

  25. Vincenzo says:

    Without Les Welker the patriots would not have been close to reaching the Super Bowl. He came back after a devastating injury and played his heart out during the season so no one should start pointing fingers at such a talented player. Actually Mr. Kraft should give him a very big raise next season.

  26. Italo says:

    If people wrote as many comments and had as much shock reaction as they do with this story, to articles on issues having to do with slashes in government funding to elderly home heating or medical services, maybe those issues would get attention a lot quicker in our communities and in the government. But this is Boston and it has its important priorities, for sure. Outrage about dropped candy bars following an athletic game whose loss by our team sent everybody reeling. Amazing, amazing.

    1. web says:

      You just made a comment…without yours, there would have been one less. Put things in perspective, it’s only a few days after a big game. I agree about priorities though, I don’t know how to get around it. Society is very concerned about media, hair cuts and who’s dating who…the elderly and budgets? not so much

      1. tsalnew says:

        Hi web – Italo’s got a huge point……………..

  27. Dave_D says:

    Geeez, guys, get a sense of humor. You don’t have to agree with the sentiment, but there was quite a bit of humor in the stunt (backed up with his money).

    Little heavy handed by the city, however (no surprise there)..

  28. Shawn Dack says:

    This is a weak stunt. To knock and kick people when they are down. Here is an athlete that plays at a high level and a NO NAME company tries to gain from the situation. Mr Welker didnt mean to drop the pass, it happens! Thats athletics. So our society HAMMERS the man for it. I for one commend Mr Welker for the class he demonstrated playing at the highest level in the NFL!!!!

  29. my 2 cents says:

    who is the bimbo with the sign….I’ll bet she eats the butterfinger the long way

  30. Lawrence says:

    I dont like boston but the people there are the fools. walker cant make every play. brady needs to play better. walker is from my state and he is one of the best ever.

  31. CTbeardedPatsfan says:

    Someone find their address and we’ll put some money together and dump a dump truck’s worth of manure in the CO’s parking lot. If they want to dump crap in our house, we’ll send it right back to them.

  32. wjames811 says:

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  33. Peter Lash says:

    Boycott Butterfingers for a month and let them go after Pawngo!

    1. donny says:

      Done and done.

      Welker’s a class act. This is is as low a FAILED attempt at self-promotion as I’ve ever seen. This pathetic Pawncrap needs to go away.

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