BOSTON (CBS) – Not many Patriots fans tuned into The Late Show With David Letterman on Monday night, and if they did, they probably turned their TVs off as soon as they saw the guest — Giants quarterback and Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning.

For those Patriots fans who did watch, they were spared from a Top Ten list that was cut from the show. Fortunately, in the Internet age, nothing truly gets cut. Late Show writer Justin Stangel tweeted a link to the list of Top Ten Things Overheard In The Patriots Locker Room After The Super Bowl.

10. “Did we win?”

9. “What matters most is we had fun”

8.”We should have Tebowed”

7.”When’s game two?”

6.”President Bush is on the phone”

5.”We still get paid, right?”

4.”On the bright side, we still get to shower together”

3.”Why is Bill Belichick naked?”

2.”Who cares that we lost — I’m married to a supermodel” (Tom Brady only)

1.”Well, at least we don’t have to go on Letterman”


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