Felger and Massarotti were joined in studio by Jermaine Wiggins to talk about Super Bowl XLVI and the Wes Welker dropped pass.

Who’s to blame for the dropped pass? Tom Brady or Wes Welker?

“First off I have to give Wes Welker the utmost respect because he came out after the game and he pretty much put it on himself,” said Wiggins. “That’s something any good football player should do.”

“You have to make that catch,” he said. “That ball hits you in the hands; Wes Welker is a wide receiver that has caught, what, 500 something balls since he’s been here (554). He’s caught a lot of footballs. The ball was in a position where you have to look at and break the whole play down.”

“It could have been, maybe, a little better throw,” he said of Brady, “But the bottom line is you’re taught as a wide receiver that when that ball hits you in the hands, it’s your job to catch the football.”

“Anybody that said ‘well Brady should have done this,’ bottom line is you have to make that catch. You make that catch and it’s a completely different outcome of the football game. That’s what ti comes down to; critical plays in critical situations of a football game, who makes them and who doesn’t make them.

Was the pass to Welker a regularly run play by the Pats offense?


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  1. Hank says:

    To me, Welker was initially looking inside and Brady threw it over his outside shoulder. He did get both hands on it after he had to adjust his route but by no means was it great pass. Also, if the Pats could run the ball they could have kept the clock running – this should also be talked about.

  2. mac says:

    Agreed. It was not a great pass…especially to a guy who is a slot receiver. What should be discussed is the fact that the end of the game was a repeat of the Ravens game…lack of control of the clock, lack of establishing the running game, and throwing long passes down the field…when you’re ahead. Except that the Ravens blew the kick vs the Giants scored.

    Definition of “insanity”….doing the same thing over and over and expecting the result to be the same. I keep finding myself yelling “run the damn ball’ at the TV during the last minutes of every close game.

    For some reason, the Pats have become addicted to the passing game…I can’t help but feel it happened when Randy Moss was here and they still haven’t broken out of it. It’s an addiction that’s hard to break. I can’t wait for Bill O’Brien to be gone, he may be part of the problem. Why choose to pass continuously against a team that has a great pass rush and a great secondary??? Why choose to pass constantly when you have a great quarterback who is beginning to decline and was possibly injured?

  3. Patrick O says:

    I love Welker and Brady, so I’m an apologist from the get-go.

    It was a tougher catch than people say, doing a 360 from full speed and thinking you’ll probably get hit on the way down. He usually makes it, which shows how great he is. Brady could have passed it better, but its amazing how great Brady was, since he was playing with a nasty left shoulder separation re-aggravated by Tuck with 6:00 left in the 3rd.

    Lots of other big mistakes too, including

    – Mayo not turning toward the quarterback to intercept the Cruz touchdown
    – 12 men on the field nullifying a fumble recovery
    – Gronk not knocking down the interception (love Gronk, and know he was an iron man for playing, and it was a bad pass by Brady, but knocking it down changes the game)
    – Ninkovich offsides on a 3rd down
    – Branch drop late
    – Hernandez drop late
    – Pats should have let the Giants score on 1st down and saved 10 seconds and a timeout instead of waiting until 2nd down

    Bottom line is there were a lot of plays that could have changed the game. Nobody played a great game, but no one play, including Welker’s, was the only reason.

    If you disagree with me, your opinion is wrong.

  4. Roger D says:

    The only problem I had with the catch is that O’Brian didn’t go over to Brady and tell him to just make a better pass. Just like that deal with Underwood. Wes was wide open, no one near him for a good 10 yards or more. How do you make a throw that horrendous with a receiver that open. Put the ball on the money and it would have been at least 1 and goal. As far as Tim Thomas goes you idiots, the only reason the story has legs is because turds like you guys won’t let it die. If you don’t like his politics don’t listen to them. As for his not going to the see the White House liar, nobody gives a big rats, well you know were this going. Reggie Jackson’s Oakland A’s won world titles, and they hated each other. You guys are so full of crap that your show is starting to stink.

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