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     Does this sound like sour grapes to you?   Am I sounding like a grumpy old Monday morning mal-content who maybe just got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?    Well however it sounds, I’m feelin’ good, have done my workout and in fact am still wearing my Patriots T-shirt but that Super Bowl game was a terrible disappointment.

     Yes the Giants played well, Eli is a hell of a quarterback, probably tougher than his brother and New York deserved every point they scored.    But……….Yes But…….Tom Brady was equally great as a quarterback, the defense played well enough to win…but….the receivers blew that game for the Patriots.   (Yes, I know there was some stupid stuff, Tom Brady’s intentional grounding on the first offensive play of the game…twelve men on the field..etc…)  These guys are great receivers when at their best, but they certainly were not at their best yesterday and THEY are the reason the Giants won.   New York didn’t beat the Patriots, Gronk wasn’t up to it at all, Welker was dropping stuff that he never drops and same story for Deion.      It was an exciting game, and the only thing that would have made it for me would be a spectacular “Hail Mary” catch at the end……but it wasn’t meant to be.

     OK Gary, enough already.  But before I go….the half-time show, though spectacular to watch in production, was awful.  Thank you Madonna.  Man she moves like an old lady, almost fell over a couple of times trying to put one foot in front of another in a so-called dance routine, and the first half of the musical production was some of the worst music I’ve ever heard.   It got a little better when she was lip-synching one of her so-called “hits” with C-lo…or what the hell ever his name is…..but for the most part, Madonna didn’t even come close to living up to the hype.

     Oh…and Super Bowl commercials?   Very average.         Yes I did have my bran this morning!!!!

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  1. DAVE JJ says:

    What a bitter old man! The show of Madonna was amazing, wish I could dance like that at that age.

  2. Chris says:

    She was wearing heels you loser! And those hits are LEGENDARY! You sound like Elton OLD John!

  3. foolishness says:

    I liked it, I do wish she didn’t lip sync but other than that moron rapper flipping the bird the show was actually pretty good

  4. Charlie says:

    Moving like an old lady… coming from someone who is over 70?

    That is one old, grumpy and ignorant guy speakiing, someone who knows nichts about concerts.

    Snafus happen all the time at concerts, like Lady Gaga falling off a burning piano.

    “So-called” hits, like “Hung Up” earning no.1 in 41 countries simultaneously?

  5. garywbz says:

    Let me see here….Charlie I’m under 70 and Lady Gaga fell off a burning piano??….OMG Charlie. I must have missed that concert :-)
    Chris do you still wear high heels? I had to cut back because of my age.
    And Dave JJ….I bet if you tried real hard, you could dance like that…:-) ;-(

  6. Charlie says:

    Yes, it was widely reported when the incident happened. The piano was built to give out flames at certain points of the performance.

    it was also wildely reported when Lady Gaga end up sitting on the stage because her body gave up due to exhaustion during the entire performance of “Bad Romance” at her concert in New Zealand.

    Madonna hurt her hamstring just a few days before the SB performance.

    Again, you know nichts about concerts.

    The funny thing is that so many older butch guys with families love to wear heels to satisfy their sexual fantasies. I am so far from this type, my most outlandish footwear is Birkenstock sandals.

  7. Bob says:

    Now, now children…be nice…..As for me I thought it was a great game but I disagree with Gary as to why the Pats lost….The best team on Sunday won

    btw I am 70+ so skipped the half time “show” don’t really know what has you kids in such a lather

  8. EVAN says:

    love how the tiny apart about how badly madonna sucked draws EVERYONES criticism. grow up he wrote the article about the game not the halftime show and got it right that was a pretty horrible performance. GO G-MEN

  9. Charlie says:

    A third about the blog is about the half-time performance.

    He got it right? Who is he? Jesus Christ?

    What is so horrible about it? The funny thing is that so few talked about the horrible performances of Christina Aguilera and Steven Tyler.in similar events.

    What you actually dislike is the messages, not the shows.

  10. Charlie says:

    “A third of the blog is about the half-time performance.”

  11. Jojo says:

    Wow. This column is the definition of Amateur Hour. It’s not like Gostkowski missed a 32-yard FG. And one of Welker’s drops would have required an amazing catch.

    Any knucklehead on a forum can examine a couple of plays in a close game like that and say their favorite team should’ve won. If the Pats would’ve won, we could just look at the (non-) holding call on 2nd-and-1 for the Giants and say they should’ve won the game.

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