The Patriots Should Have Won…Madonna Should Have Stayed Home…..

A Blog by Gary LaPierre

     Does this sound like sour grapes to you?   Am I sounding like a grumpy old Monday morning mal-content who maybe just got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?    Well however it sounds, I’m feelin’ good, have done my workout and in fact am still wearing my Patriots T-shirt but that Super Bowl game was a terrible disappointment.

     Yes the Giants played well, Eli is a hell of a quarterback, probably tougher than his brother and New York deserved every point they scored.    But……….Yes But…….Tom Brady was equally great as a quarterback, the defense played well enough to win…but….the receivers blew that game for the Patriots.   (Yes, I know there was some stupid stuff, Tom Brady’s intentional grounding on the first offensive play of the game…twelve men on the field..etc…)  These guys are great receivers when at their best, but they certainly were not at their best yesterday and THEY are the reason the Giants won.   New York didn’t beat the Patriots, Gronk wasn’t up to it at all, Welker was dropping stuff that he never drops and same story for Deion.      It was an exciting game, and the only thing that would have made it for me would be a spectacular “Hail Mary” catch at the end……but it wasn’t meant to be.

     OK Gary, enough already.  But before I go….the half-time show, though spectacular to watch in production, was awful.  Thank you Madonna.  Man she moves like an old lady, almost fell over a couple of times trying to put one foot in front of another in a so-called dance routine, and the first half of the musical production was some of the worst music I’ve ever heard.   It got a little better when she was lip-synching one of her so-called “hits” with C-lo…or what the hell ever his name is…..but for the most part, Madonna didn’t even come close to living up to the hype.

     Oh…and Super Bowl commercials?   Very average.         Yes I did have my bran this morning!!!!


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