BOSTON (CBS) – Move over Jersey Shore, here comes “Southie Pride”. TLC has ordered the new series that goes inside the homes of five South Boston women.

The series is currently casting and shot footage in South Boston this weekend as the Patriots suffered through a devastating Super Bowl loss.

Eight episodes have been ordered and the series is scheduled to premiere this fall. The series is being produced by 495 Productions, the same company that produces the Jersey Shore.

“Spend some time with the women of South Boston and you quickly learn that pride runs deep, family comes first, and that their friendships and rivalries are forever,” said SallyAnn Salsano, President of 495 Productions. “And, their accents are wicked awesome.”

According to a press release, Southie Pride will feature, “The loudest, proudest, most in-your-face subculture on the Eastern Seaboard.”

Comments (11)
  1. John McCarthy says:

    Terrible, absolutely terrible. Exploitation at it’s best.

  2. Emily says:

    Oh dear God, please tell me this isn’t true. Boston is going to turn into Jersey Shore 2. Terrible idea TLC, please go away.

  3. JWOWW says:

    Emily, you are dumb.

  4. Snooks says:

    Emily, you’re a land mine.

  5. Vinny says:

    She’s a smoosh room reject!


    I hope that the people of South Boston are able to tell Hollywood not this time. The shame that the Jersey Shore Bunch bring to the Community of Jersey Shore must be palpable. They are the most Ignorant group of people I have ever seen. Shame on the TV/ News shows for exploiting the “DUMBING DOWN” of our society.

  7. Well HOLLYWOOD U FINALLY “FIGURED OUT” WHERE The REAL DEAL ppl are on the East Coast “$outhie” aka South Boston BUT I See ur Producers are having a problem Casting for the Show ? U KNO WHY ? Bcuz U r Not getting REAL SOUTHIE ppl IF U WANT 2 DO A “REALITY SHOW” ABOUT MY HOMETOWN U NEED US REAL SOUTHIE ppl NOT Some 22yr old Liberal Yuppy who just Moved here last year and Thinks that makes them Southie “WRONG” UR NOT $OUTHIE NOR WILL U EVER BE $OUTHIE SO DONT TRY 2 REP OUR TOWN CUZ WE WILL FIND U AND EMBARASS & EXPOSE U AS A PHONEY…AND PRODUCERS GET “REAL SOUTHIE”ppl IF u want the show 2 be a Great $ucce$$ Im Real $OUTHIE hmu if u want 2 find us real $outhie ppl See Real Southie peeps STAY on the DL (: WHITEY2K~Kid$tyle >3$B

  8. VaDeena says:

    Kid$tyle, you are an uneducated trash bag.

  9. Pauly says:

    I hope they are DTF.

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