NEW YORK (CBS) – The prayers of Gisele Bundchen and her entourage went unanswered on Super Bowl Sunday.

Tom Brady’s supermodel wife watched helplessly as Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker dropped a wide-open chance to seal the deal on another Lombardi Trophy for New England.

Instead, Eli Manning and the Giants stormed back to win Super Bowl XLVI, 21-17.

Gisele’s frustration was on full display Sunday night after Brady’s desperate Hail Mary pass fell short to end the game in Indianapolis.

“Eli rules!” exclaimed a fan after the game as Bundchen left her luxury suite at Lucas Oil Stadium. “Eli owns your husband!”

“You (have) to catch the ball when you’re supposed to catch the ball,” she snapped back. “My husband cannot (bleeping) throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. I can’t believe they dropped the ball so many times.”

The exchange was caught on video and obtained by

Gisele later consoled Brady with a postgame embrace in full view of reporters and photographers.

It may have been a super night for the power couple, if not for key fourth-quarter drops by Welker, Deion Branch and Aaron Hernandez.

“It comes to the biggest moment of my life, and (I) don’t come up with it,” said Welker. “Most critical situation, and I let the team down.”

Was Gisele right to rip the Patriots receivers?

Share your opinions in the comment section below.

Comments (84)
  1. Foolishness says:

    She needs to just keep her mouth shut and do what she does best, look good. Great job ripping on the players of your Husband’s team…. way to cause a rift. They are a TEAM, you don’t rip on some of them, even if you are defending your Husband! I hope those players she’s ripping on let her Husband know that that is just NOT cool.

    1. Derick says:

      Mr. Dover,

      “Eli owns your husband!” What a Tool. If you watched the game and for that matter ever played to really understand the game, you would have acknowledged it was a very close game that could have gone either way Eli made one less mistake than Tom did, thats right you Tool Eli did not play a perfect game either, lets be real and report the news not try to be the NEWS.

      1. cgrilo says:

        It a drunk fan if she had a brain she wouldn’t of responded to it

      2. Hamilton says:

        I think it was a pretty stupid comment and below her. In her defense she was getting heckled and speaking to her friend… but at least these pics of her leaked last night!

    2. gramps says:

      The words of a ‘distraught’ housewife, probably suffering from…..

      ‘wax build-up’ on her kitchen floor, should not be taken seriously!


  2. gramps says:

    The words of a ‘distraught’ housewife, probably suffering from…..

    ‘wax build-up’ on her kitchen floor, should not be taken seriously!


  3. TuckerG says:

    G responding to a moronic Giants fans. Big deal.

    Watched a little of Burton fawning over DeOssie and son but turned the channel quickly. I know they are friends but hey Steve, we are Pats fans and don’t give a #*@! about a long snapper or the Giants at that moment. Hug him on your own time.

    1. annielynne says:

      Well said, TuckerG!

  4. Laura B says:

    Gisele & Tom are sickening. Let them live in their shallow, show off mansion by themselves. That was horrible that Gisele ripped the Patriot players. I have no respect for Tom. He is a “player” and I don’t mean just “football player!”

    1. jojo says:

      you are correct–tommy boy has become a puppet poser

  5. Mike McElhiney says:

    She only said aloud what a lot of fans were thinking…..A lot of receivers choked on catchable passes. Case in point, A wide open Welker, or how about Hernandez?

    1. Enough says:

      Doesn’t matter, it is not up to the Trophy Wife of the Quarterback to rip on the other members of the team, her Husband made a few mistakes as well! She should have kept her mouth shut, shows how immature she is if she can’t take some egging on by the other team’s fans.

      1. Italo says:

        Is that she in the photo above in this article, that the article is talking about? I thought it was maybe some Pats locker room team member, or maybe his mother. She looks like a rooster and like she is 60-years-old.

    2. tsalnew says:

      ummmmmm – didn’t her husband throw an interception? Perhaps he didn’t throw it far enough because he was already starting his run to catch it???

      I am a Brady fan – I am a fan of the entire team – that does not excuse her comment which was uncalled for.

    3. Julie the Jarhead says:

      Why shouldn’t she comment on things she know little about? Sports radio yakkers do it all the time.

  6. mimi says:

    She’s an A-hole and that’s what A-holes do. She should just never open her mouth

  7. kent says:

    She should’ve stayed home,she doesn’t need to be there. Women don’t know and don’t understand squat about the game!

    1. VLizzle says:

      Excuse me LOSER but plenty of women do know and understand the game of Football and enjoy watching it with their boyfriends or husbands, including me.

    2. Michelle Fuller Fitzgerald says:

      Really Kent? You clearly don’t know squat about women. I probably know just as much, if not more about football than you do. Your comment is shallow, sexist and just plain stupid. Well done!

      1. Kraziehorse77 says:

        Awesome Michelle! I know more about football than my man does… I spend time explaining things about the game to him sometimes! I have always been “one of the guys” during football season…Kent must live under a rock!!

    3. dowdy says:

      The whole Pats season was dedicated to a woman that forgot more than you’ll ever know about football.

  8. Pam Terra says:

    Gisele always steps in where she shouldn’t.

    1. Italo says:

      And then steps in it and on it.

  9. Brittany says:

    right on Gisele! Your husband did awesome as for the team they suxed. Its not a one man show. Boston fans are just sore losers thats why everyone roots agianst them!

  10. Louise Rotti says:

    She should have kept her mouth shut….She should have been like Tom, and take the loss gracefully… what a jerk she is…..

  11. bryncrw says:

    What am I missing? What does he see in her? I love the fact that she’s being supportive and feisty but she is not very good looking. Take a glance at that nose! Beware look quickly, we don’t want you to hurt your eyes. She’s shown she has no inner beauty. So she’s not beautiful inside nor outside. She’s bulemic, so it must be like &%$@#&G a branch of a tree. One wrong move and she’ll break.
    Future? She’s going to take him for 100mil after all that’s what it’ll take to pay for her makeup. That house? Oh she’ll take that too.
    Tom, ever since she’s been in your life you have been a loser, take your loses and hope you can redeem yourself, it will be a long struggle back but you can make it.

    1. gramps says:

      You ask: What am I missing? What does he see in her?

      As to the response to her ‘diatribe’ contained in this blog proves……

      ‘She’s orally gifted’!


      1. Tsalnew says:

        Gramps. ……….

      2. gramps says:


    2. scat says:

      Bridget Moynahan is better looking

  12. DoverDavid says:

    Doesn’t she have some meal to barf up or something! She should have never said what she did in a public format and is familiar with that arena so shame on her. Perhaps her tweets to friends to say prayers for the team is what jinxed the entire matter. Stick to the clothes girly.

  13. Dawn Marie Coston-earnednotstolen says:

    how dare she!! does she know anything of the game? and BTW they cant catch crap hes been throwing..hats off to the ones that can actually save bradys azz on most of the mush he hurls out there

  14. tommy trophy says:

    Tom Brady’s total earnings 2011 =’s $31 million

    Gisele’s total earnings 2001 =’s $76 million

    Her total net worth far exceeds Tom’s, if anyone is the trophy wife it’s him, not her

  15. Barry Doubleday says:

    She should change her name to Jezebel because Brady has stunk since he married her!

  16. jzsmith1965 says:

    WOW GISSELLE were you afraid the world would end if the team lost the game its not the end of the world

    1. dan says:

      will someone tell jzsmith1965 …how to spell gisele

  17. Teric says:

    Not the best use of her public speaking. But someone tell Wes Welker NOT to beat himself up. Sure it’s a damn shame but there’s no way NE could ever have made it to Indianapolis without Welker receiving so consistently well. That’s all there is to that story.

    1. Tsalnew says:

      We’re you watching the last half of the season. My guess is Welker didn’t carry the team ther. I’m a huge fan of his but really???? All by himself. A bit overboard

  18. Lisa McAuslan says:

    As a Pats fan,What she said was out of line. We didn’t play the best of games. If we hadn’t dropped the ball a few times we would have won.

    I wonder what Gisele may have said to the Academy Awards committe when Leo Decaprio was nominated and didn’t win. They were an item for years before they broke up

  19. Don't Really Care says:

    Gisselle is to the Patriots what Yoko was to the Beatles………..

      1. Edward Ellis says:

        BWAHAHAHA ! XD

  20. sloopjohnB2 says:

    Unfortunately, Wes Welker as good as he has been will now be referred to as the new Bill Buckner.

  21. Eric says:

    Why is this broad even commenting? what does she know about American Football? Go marry a soccer player, and leave our US sports alone. — Bimbo.

  22. i'M HERE says:


  23. Dianne says:

    I am shocked at all the comments directed at Gisele. She loves her husband and it is hard to find fault with someone you love. Leave them alone, the Patriots players won’t even be talking about this issue. I am just glad we wnt to the SB. Sad we lost but it just wasn’t good enough.

  24. Kathy K says:

    She was just hurting for her man, that’s all. If you people knew what love was, you wouldn’t be trashing her.

    1. foolishness says:

      I love my husband dearly…. but if he were a quarterback who just lost the superbowl I would NOT have trashed his team that he has to work with next year, publicly! She should know better, and should also know that even her husband made mistakes last night.

    2. response says:

      I also love my husband, but I don’t go to his place of business and start harping on his co-workers…..he’s a big boy and can handle it himself.

  25. MCH4634 says:

    I’m just wondering, If this is the top story of the day, what story graced the number 2 slot?

    1. Italo says:

      Welcome to Boston sports, where grown men will cry and knock their heads against a brick wall because a missed ball throwing or catching cost them the winning of a kids’ game played by professionally paid grown men, and yet the same people will turn around and flip the bird at a senior citizen, try to run red lights, tailgate you going the speed limit in the correct lane while they are driving their 5,000 ton huge SUV, or kick homeless people in the streets. Everybody wake and grow up, it’s a GAME and maybe Mrs. Kraft up there was trying to help send a message: get over it and focus on people and things in the longrun that are really important and need support/attention day-in and day-out.

      1. Edward Ellis says:

        ITALO !! Love your comment ! I’ve said similar things and been trashed by the Patritards.

  26. julie says:

    What a witch. Not like they did it on purpose. Your husband isn’t god honey. He ain’t even cute. Get over yourself

  27. jbm says:

    Teric –

    You got it right. Welker and crew are hurting – you do something right so many times, but flub the big moment. As for Giselle – she was caught up in the emotions we all were feeling – and was not trying to do a hatchet job for the whole world to hear.

  28. Gray Haired Pats Girl Fan says:

    yo, giselle – shut up sister. how dare you rip the team. tom had a couple of picks, and the safety for intentional grounding on our first possession. even mrs kraft (may she rest in peace) would borrow cher’s line from the movie moonstruck, “snap out of it.” i’m sure i could take you on in any number of athletic events. further, i’m sure some of the other pats players wives/significant others would like to have 5 good minutes with you. you’re a legend in your own mind, a hero in the footlights, definitely, you’re so vain. grow up girl and grow up fast.

  29. Janet says:

    Giselle did nothing wrong and has every right to voice her opinion. I am sure she supports the team and their players just as much as Tom and was fustrated, just like the rest of us were that we lost the game. So good for her for showing she is human and I think everyone is taking what she said out of contex and should give her the benefit of the doubt. I would be just as passionate about what my husband does and would defend him as well. Tom did not marry a Barbie Doll, he married a woman who has managed to develop a good career and make solid choices for herself and her family, of course she is going to have a brain and think for herself so people need to respect that and stop the bashing.

  30. jaysilent says:

    you new englander take football/sports up the butt hole way to seriously that you forgot to worry about your own life.

  31. SDM says:

    Don’t know if the hierarchy at ‘BZ reads these comments, but I will never watch your station again as long as you continue to use Steve DeOssie as a guest commentator. Why? See this

  32. Scooter says:

    I do blame Wes Welker. I blame him for years of great entertainment and being a class act and inspiring thousands of young boys and girls, anyone who rips this guy just doesn’t get it. Don’t you hang your head Wes and don’t change a thing.Except for the catching the ball thingy. JK

  33. Jenny Santos says:

    Too bad Gisele didn’t show a little class, but even millions can’t buy class!!
    Last I checked, football is a TEAM sport. The Patriots lost because they were outplayed by the Giants TEAM.
    You can’t wait until the end of the game to try to win. You have to play the entire game like you want to win!
    And Tom made some mistakes too, SAFETY, be real!

  34. Berger says:

    Now she officially qualifies as a true mas-hole, deal with it…..she’s become one of you

  35. dmac says:

    It was obvious that she spoke out of frustration. Unfortunately, those things happen and many react by saying something they ultimately regret. I understand why she did it, I wish she hadn’t. Especially since Welker is already beating himself up. He knows what everyone is thinking, no one has to verbalize it. It’s a tough reality to live with and I really feel bad for the Pat’s, Welker especially. But I believe the team will support one another, even with G’s misguided timing.

  36. Jonathan Sharp says:

    Looking foward to next year when they can redeem themselves! It’s payback time !

  37. Jonathan Sharp says:

    Looking foward to next year when they can redeem themselves! This year was much better than last year. They have improved three years in the row. This loss will give them heart and the will to come back stronger to acquire the Lombardi trophy!

  38. piblogger says:

    This is a great example as to why the biggest turnover in yesterday’s Superbowl was after the game! ( And correct me if I am wrong, but since taking up with the super model Brady hasn’t won in the big game. Is Bundchen to the Pats what Yoko was to the Beatles?

  39. Anne says:

    If she wasn’t a famous person your reporter would have walked right by her. I wonder did any other wives have any comments to make. This was a cheap shot at Gisele.

  40. PatFanatic says:

    Forget about Giselle for a minute guys. I’m surprised no one is pointing out the fact NY got 9 points handed to them right off the bat with the BS safety call and the BS call that denied the Pats that 1st quarter turnover and allowed NY to score that TD.
    The Pats got the screws from the refs all night and no one has seemed to point that out on here. So Unfortunately the young Manning kid with the retarded eyes staring in opposite directions got the win handed to him. Ah well….theres always next year.
    – PatFanatic

  41. Curt says:

    I agree that Giselle was emotional and had right to be but, she is supposed to realize that she is ALWAYS being watched and recorded so she should carry herself as the mature wife of a mega-star athlete during a win or a loss. I’m a Giants fan and I feel for her but, I’m not unhappy about the outcome of the game or the fact that she was heckled. It’s part of the game and is she. Especially when she’s playing her husband out by asking friends to pray for him in a football game. Yes, the Super Bowl but still, a football game. I believe she loves her husband and only wants the best for him but, I think she’s been riding the success wave with Brady for so long that she doesn’t know how to act during his losses. She’s spoiled and is used to seeing her man win. She’s gonna have to handle things a little better and I’m sure she will. Brady’s learning humility and he’ll teach it to his wife.

  42. gonzo4zaga says:

    The fault lies with the rude people who don’t have the kahones big enough to get up in Wes or Gronks face and talk their trash!

  43. Aja says:

    She should have kept her mouth shut. I love the Pats, they are a kick-ass team, and I’m sure Welker and Hernandez feel bad enough as it is (not too sure about Branch though…) Fans may have been thinking it (I was) and radio yackers may say it, but unless Gisele wants to play the role of Yoko Ono (a destroy the teams bond) she needs to stay out of it.

  44. YaKnow says:

    Stick to what you do best Gisele, walk the runway. Do not point fingers.

  45. Christine S says:

    Not one person lost the game, they are a team. There were a lot of reasons the Pats didn’t win. Gisele should have thought before she spoke. I think it was a cheap shot. I would agree, classless.

  46. Lola says:

    If it wasn’t for his safety they wouldn’t of had to get way down field could of tried for a field goal so he is to blame as much as everybody why don’t she just keep her mouth shut they didn’t win it was everybodys fault including mr. wonderful

  47. jojo says:

    Tommy’s wife should have stayed home in their mansion dusting and cleaning and perhaps had a nice meal ready for TB , even put on something sexy. Maybe tommy would have played better knowing his dimwit wife would “take care of business” after a hard game.

  48. Tigger1215 says:

    As said so succintly many times above – Gisele needs to keep her mouth shut. The bottom line is this – When the team wins, the quarterback gets the credit & when the team loses, the quarterback gets the blame.

  49. John W. Kelley says:

    I am ahuge Pats fan!! In the heat of passion Gisele responded to a lousey comment by a poor winner. I think that the pass to Wes Welker was too high and behind him. It would have been a miraculous catch if he had made it. There were, however, several other passes dropped by Gronkowski, Branch and Hernandez that were right on the money. The Giants simply out executed the Pats. I hope we win it next year. John Kelley

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