The Patriots had a chance to win another Super Bowl, but they had to go through the Giants a team who beat them when they met in Super Bowl XLII. Unfortunately the Pats couldn’t hold on to the lead at the end and they fell to the Giants 21-17.

Eric Wilbur of the Boston Globe talked with Toucher & Rich about his article criticizing Tom Brady’s performance, Wes Welker missing a catch and who will be back next year.

Wilbur has caught a lot of heat from Patriots fans for calling out Brady for his poor performance and placing the loss on his shoulders.

“If he had won that game we would have lauded him as the greatest quarterback ever, so if he messes up in the game and he loses it why can’t he take some of the poison?”

Wilbur’s article was up moments after the game had ended, but now with more time has his opinion changed?

How much does this loss hurt Tom Brady’s legacy moving forward?

“He’s still a hall of famer obviously, but he’s going to have this hanging over his head now.”

With under five minutes left in the game Brady threw to Wes Welker on second-and-11. Welker would have had the first down plus some extra yards had he caught the pass from Tom. This would have given the Pats a chance to eat up some time and possibly hold on to their 17-15 lead.

Welker couldn’t bring the ball in even though it hit him in the hands. Some blame Brady for a bad throw and other say that Welker should have been able to make that catch. Who does Wilbur put the blame on?

“The pass was bad, but he should have had it. I think the most egregious play was the interception that Brady threw.”

After the way things went last night if you had a team and were on a final drive who would you want as a your quarterback Eli Manning or Tom Brady?

“I hate to say it, but you got to say Eli right he’s done it.”

They discussed the safety at the beginning of the game and if it really matter a whole lot. The guys also talked about some of the Patriots players hitting free agency this year. Who will be back next season?


Comments (2)
  1. Rex Montana says:

    Fame is the price of greatness, not the other way around.

    The Mighty Casey struck out.

    It was a good game. Although I think Eli would be nothing without his rubber gloves receivers.

    And if Rivers went to the Giants, they’d have four Super Bowls by now.

    Although Eli does have a nack for sideline passes, and that was a great one.

    Maybe just sour grapes on my part? Yes, I admit it: He don’t impress me much. But congratulations Eli, you won, fair and square.

    It’s all about wins.

  2. alice brown says:

    JUst a reaction to all the hatred being directed toward Tom and Giselle: the NFL is our bread and circuses, just as in the Roman times, to get our minds off the real economic and environmental problems we have in this country. When that fails, the masses look for a scapegoat to vent their frustrations on. Tom and Giselle are the most obvious couple. Unlike Tebow, they don’t brag about their good works. (Jesus told us not to, by the way). Sad, but normal venting for ignorant people who look to football to give their pitiful lives meaning

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