By Matt Geagan, CBS Boston

INDIANAPOLIS (CBS) – The tailgating has begun outside, and the media members are all starting to pile into Lucas Oil Stadium for Super Bowl XLVI.

Fans of all kinds, from thew Colts, Pats, Giants, Bears… (the list goes on) are out in full force as they get ready for the big game.

One fan said they flew in to Chicago Saturday night, spent the night, and took a party bus early Sunday morning. They need to be back on the bus 45 minutes after the game. Sounds rough, but then again, they get to go to the Super Bowl.

super pat Super Bowl Blog: Into Lucas Oil

Super Pat would never miss a Patriots game.

As for my way in, it was long. Media was directed through a tent, and had to put their bags on a platform and then go through a pat-down and metal detector. The bags were checked by security with dogs. After a five-minute wait, we were all allowed to grab our things and then head to the stadium. It was a process, but definitely worth it when it comes to safety.

Outside the Stadium, “Super Pat” was gathering a huge crowd. He was just one of the many Patriots fans gathering outside, excited for the game.

blue line Super Bowl Blog: Into Lucas Oil

The blue line media members had to follow once through Lucas Oil Stadium.

Once inside, it was time to follow the blue line. And follow it I did. Up stairs, escalators, and around the stadium.

For those interested what is available inside, beers are $11, sodas $6 and bottled waters $5. They also offer home cooked pot roast for $10. They have some really cool memorabilia for sale, but it will cost fans quite a bit. A Patriots team autographed, framed Super Bowl XLVI poster would set you back $2,250. A team signed Super Bowl XLVI helmet was even more at $3,250.

autographed helmet Super Bowl Blog: Into Lucas Oil

A Patriots team signed Super Bowl XLVI helmet. Price tag? Your first-born.

I found out it is a small world, after all. A couple (Patriots fans, of course) stopped Dan Roche for a photo, and they turned out to be parents of someone I graduated high school with. Congrats on your recent nuptials Stacey!

I am credentialed for a media workroom, so Dan Roche and I had to part ways, and it was time for me to now follow a purple line. This one went down stairs and through the bowels Lucas Oil Stadium. I pasted the halftime show work room, press conference center, and  think in all, I walked a total of two miles. Great exercise, but exhausting. WBZ-TV editor Jim Murphy took the same path, and saw Madonna’s daughter along his way.

Now I’m sitting in Media Workroom #8 with WBZ-TV Sports producer Joe Giza sitting by my side. His walk was a lot less, and he followed a green line, so I think I should have ditched Rochie a lot earlier.

media room Super Bowl Blog: Into Lucas Oil

How I, and thousands of other members of the media, will be watching Super Bowl XLVI.

As for the media room, there is a single TV in a very, as Joe called it, sterile room. There are enough seats for about 200 people, and it’s slowly filling up. There is a good contingency of Boston media members in here, mostly techs and photogs. I do have a vest to get on the field after the game, as long as I can find it…

The rule goes there is no cheering in the media room. I’ll find out if a simple “nice” is acceptable at some point tonight. Hopefully….

Enjoy the game everyone! We’ll be updating over Twitter, Facebook and on throughout the game.

Tune in to Super Bowl XLVI between the Patriots and Giants on 98.5 The Sports Hub, the only place to hear the local call of the game. After the game, the Hub will be on all night for all the reaction and analysis, and WBZ-TV will break it all down on Patriots Fifth Quarter.


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