By Levan Reid, WBZ-TV SportsBy Levan Reid

INDIANAPOLIS (CBS) – While we all wait for the start of Super Bowl 46, the talk early Sunday is Tiquan Underwood.

The Patriots released the wide receiver in a surprise move Saturday night.

The team stressed it was not for disciplinary reasons and they want him back next season.

Underwood took it like a champ.

He tweeted afterwards that this will give him motivation for next year.

The Patriots moved Alex Silversto from the practice squad to the active roster for the game tonight.

This move could mean 1 or 2 things.

The Pats could be very confident in their receivers. The rumor that Chad Ochocinco will have a big part in this game plan could be true and this is going to be the game he makes a difference.

There is also some thought that maybe one of the players on the defensive side of the ball is sick.

If that’s the case, the Patriots needed a body on the roster and Tiquan was the casualty.

UPDATE: It turns out this could be more of a special teams move.  Alex Silvestro will fill the spot that Rob Gronkowski plays on kick offs and punt returns.  He will also be in the rotation for the defensive lineman, used mainly to keep the other guys fresh.

Something worth of note, if the Pats would have cut him with on Friday, the Giants could have claimed him and then he could have told him everything they were working on.  That is why, the Pats waited until the last-minute to release him.


The scene here is getting pretty strong, walking over to where the Patriots fans are hanging out and celebrating.

patriots fan Patriots Blog: Why Cut Tiquan Just Before Super Bowl?

A Patriots fan heading in to Super Bowl 46. (Photo by Levan Reid)

It should never be said that New England doesn’t travel well.

We are in Colts country, so to say the Pats will get booed is an understatement.

No worries, though. Backs against the wall is how they like it.

Inside, the concourses are busy, but the seats are slowly filling up.

super bowl 462 Patriots Blog: Why Cut Tiquan Just Before Super Bowl?

The field 3 hours before kickoff (Photo by Levan Reid)

People just love to come in, sit down and take in the sights and sounds of the event.

It’s very cool.

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  1. Joel Sapp says:

    I think it must have been his Kid and Play haircut.

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