INDIANAPOLIS (CBS) – Patriots head coach Bill Belichick will have a lot on his mind this off-season, as New England lost their second Super Bowl in the last five seasons 21-17 to the New York Giants.

“There were 100 plays you could be talking about and I would take a lot of them,” he told reporters after the loss. “(We) could have done a better job in a lot of things.”

Several plays stick out for the Patriots; from a safety on their first offensive play, a dropped pass in the fourth quarter by Wes Welker, and a too many men on the field penalty that negated a fumble recovery early in the game.

But the coach was adamant it is not just one play that sticks out to him in the loss.

“There’s a lot of plays out there,” he repeated.

“We just couldn’t make enough plays. The Giants made a few more than we did. Really isn’t too much more to say about it.”

“(You) can’t fault the effort of any of our players,” he said. “They played as hard as they could; we could have just played a tiny bit better.”

  1. Hoodie says:

    If we were allowed to film the hand signals, we would have won for sure

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