INDIANAPOLIS (CBS) – So who will win Super Bowl 46?  Who will be the MVP?

Everyone has their predictions, so why not go to one of the best football beat writers in America for some answers.

Patriots GameDay contributor Mike Reiss of ESPN shared his thoughts with WBZ-TV’s Steve Burton Sunday.

Watch Mike’s Predictions:


“To me, a big story this week, Bill Belichick.  Humorous, engaging at his news conferences and a lot of people say ‘Why is that the case?’ and to me it’s simple.  He’s in a good place personally and I think he also likes this football team.  He told them to enjoy this moment and he’s enjoying it too.”


“He said ‘In this Super Bowl I’m going to enjoy all the media attention that comes with it.’ The knee injury in 2008, when he had it at the start of the year, I think for Tom Brady to be in this moment, to be back, he appreciates it more than ever.”


“There’s no question we’re going to see Chad Ochocinco, especially with tight end Rob Gronkowski ailing a little bit.  They’re going to have to watch closely as to how Rob Gronkowski and his ankle responds.  First half, could be o-k, second half, they’ll have to watch closely.”


“I’m going right back to Tom Brady, Steve.  To me, this is the big game and talking to people close to him, they say they’ve never seen him more focused and more confident for this football game.  To me, if you’re talking about a Patriots win, who will be the MVP? I’m going with Tom Brady.”

Mike’s final score prediction: Patriots 30, Giants 20.

Watch Patriots Game Day Predictions:

Comments (2)
  1. Mark says:

    Of course he is going to pick the Pats, he writes for them and he is a bias fan. There was no mention of the Giants as if the Pats are going to be the only team out there.This isn’t a prediction this is homerism at its best. Pats are good but the Giants are too strong and balanced and have the edge over the Pats. Too many weapons for the G-Men. 34 – 21 Giants!

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