INDIANAPOLIS (CBS) – It was another busy day in Indy, but I haven’t really talked Patriots too much so I figured Saturday morning was a good time to do so.

Mainly because they don’t play cartoons anymore. At least not the good ones.

– I love the fact the Patriots are so relaxed this week, which is night and day compared to four years ago. They had the weight of the world (or Earf, if you asked Randy Moss) on their shoulders from that zero in the loss column to some early season scandal, and it proved to be too much. Well, that and the Giants’ pass rush. But this week they seem to be having a lot of fun, even Bill Belichick, while the Giants are trying to stir things up with some trash talk. They want the Patriots to bite, but they don’t play that game. It’s also great to hear how focused Belichick is, not that it isn’t the norm. Holding simulated Super Bowls during practices is a genius idea. Blasting heat, music and having the players sit through an extended halftime will have everyone ready for everything; not just the  game plan.

– Injured defensive end Andre Carter is with the team, and told WBZ-TV on Friday night’s The Rematch: Super Bowl Preview that even though he isn’t playing, he still has to abide by the team rules. “I’m not going to be that guy,” Carter said of breaking the 11pm curfew. “IR or not, I’m just going along with the protocol.” There is a reason why the veteran is viewed as such a leader. Let’s hope he is back next season, even at the age of 33, and still harassing quarterbacks for the Patriots.

– Robert Kraft told 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Gresh & Zo on Friday that the oil painting the team gave him after their late season win over the Dolphins will be in the locker room on Sunday, as it has been throughout the playoffs. Is there a better good luck charm than a little Myra Magic?

– I enjoy the saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it,” but with Rob Gronkowski’s ankle (you’ve heard he has an injury, right?) , I have a feeling Nate Solder could have a TD out of the Mike Vrabel playbook. Or I could just be delirious. Maybe both?

– Indy has been crowded all week, but it seems the bulk of the fans arrived on Friday. Traffic had been non-existent for four days, but was Boston-esq on Friday afternoon. There was nearly half a million fans in downtown Indy Friday night.

– Speaking of crowded, before Kraft joined Gresh & Zo, Tim Tebow was being interviewed by Yahoo! Sports Radio, otherwise known as the Sports Hub’s neighbor on Radio Row. His entourage, or Tebow Maniacs, was not nearly as big as they were Thursday. Imagine Robert Kraft, owner of one of the Super Bowl teams, and Tim Tebow, who has nothing to do with the Super Bowl, within a 10-foot radius of each other at the same time. Media Madness indeed. Luckily, former Titans running back Eddie George finished his interview with Tebow before Kraft made his way over to the Hub table. (Tebow is a great story though, not his fault he gets so over-hyped).

– With more and more people arriving, local retailers are starting to take advantage. Gas has gone up 10-cents (more at some places) since Monday, and parking is even worse. The $5-a-day increase has tripled. I somehow talked my way into free parking at the media center (Thanks Doug!!!). Wonder what it will be come Sunday. You know what, I don’t want to know…

– Web producer Dean (from Dean) Reddington had the question of the day: “If Gillette is The Razor, does that mean Lucas Oil is The Lube?” Not sure how to answer that one. But yes, yes it does.

-Shook hands with Vanilla Ice on Friday. That’s all I got…

Listen: Zo Goes Ice, Ice Baby

– The CBS family has you completely covered this weekend. Gresh & Zo will be broadcasting Live from the Broad Ripple Tavern in Indy from 4-7pm on Saturday, which is hosting a party for Patriots fans. For those in Indy, it’s free to get in!

WBZ-TV has a special edition of Patriots All-Access from 7-8pm. Steve Burton, Dan Roche and Levan Reid will have everything you need to get ready for Sunday, and Scott Zolak sits down with Tom Brady and, as always, joins Belichick at “The Belistrator.”

WBZ-TV Crew Recaps Friday, Looks Ahead 

On Sunday, WBZ-TV gets it all started at 11:30am with a 90-minute edition of Patriots GameDay, with a special pre-pre-game Felger and Mazz on the Hub from 12-3pm. Patriots Preview will take you up until kickoff, and the Hub is the only place to hear the local call of the game.

Both stations will have all the postgame reaction and analysis covered after the game.

– Completely non-related to the Super Bowl, but how does a near Lebron turnover make the top play on SportsCenter? Oh, Kobayashi eating chicken wings was number-2. Do these Top 10’s still mean anything?

But I digress… Can it be Sunday yet?

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  1. LT says:

    I have a Steve Grogan statue I throw around the yard for luck

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