INDIANAPOLIS (CBS) – From start to finish, day four in Indy was the most interesting.

Just mere minutes after I published Wednesday’s recap/journal/rambling nonsense saying it was impossible to get lost here, I got lost.

Yes the iPhone is great and all, but the GPS needs to become an actual GPS and shout out directions.

For all those times I told my old Droid to stop telling me to “turn around at the next left” (more like yelled and used other words other than “stop”), I am ready to apologize.

Google Maps is good, but talk to me!

working hard e1328246839252 Super Bowl Blog: Tim Tebow, Madonna And Some SWAG

Somewhere behind that small working man is Tim Tebow. (Photo by Andy Gresh/CBS)

It was another busy day on Radio Row, with even more celebrities and athletes arriving. Tim Tebow was in the house, and brought a massive audience wherever he went. It kind of made it difficult to work in the already cramped conditions when he visited the Yahoo! Sports table. I took a few elbows to the head, but they actually woke me up a bit.

Madonna also made an appearance, after Rich Shertenleib  asked her the greatest question of all-time. She commanded an even bigger crowd than Tebow during her NFL Network appearance, and it marked just the second time this week that Michael Felger got out of his seat.

The other was when Brooke Bentley came over on Wednesday.

From Joe Montana to Curt Schilling to Romeo Crennel, 98.5 The Sports Hub had a steady line of guests.

Crennel had to make some Patriots fans upset when he said he would have returned to New England, but the timing wasn’t right. At least Tony Mazz was pretty upset. Willie McGinest stopped by during the interview, and let Romeo know he still had another season left in him. I’m not sure Willie ends up on the Chiefs next year though.

willie and scott pioli Super Bowl Blog: Tim Tebow, Madonna And Some SWAG

Willie was also making his case to Chiefs president Scott Pioli. (Photo by Rick Raditz/CBS)

I also got a chance to see Texans running back Arian Foster, although I didn’t thank him for helping “Los Pollos Hermanos” to a Fantasy Football championship this season.

Somehow, I think he knew.

Although I hit a wall pretty hard, or maybe it was those elbows from the Tebow Maniacs, it wasn’t the worst thing I hit during the afternoon.

I’ll preface this by saying that, along with texting while driving, texting (or Tweeting) while walking should be outlawed.

As I walked back to radio row from a nice Papa John’s spread with breakfast (pizza breakfast at 3 p.m.), someone committed the aforementioned crime.

It caused a chain reaction where I slammed on the brakes (so to speak), and caused one of my first bites of real food to splatter down the front of my off-white shirt.

My credential covered some a few of the orange stains, but left the main one fairly visible.

If there is one thing I hate more than waking up early, it’s stains on my shirt while out in public.

Not sure why, but it just bugs me.

It’s that feeling that I would look like a mush for the rest of the day. I wanted to give the offender a $30 ticket, or even a stern warning, but the law was out of my hands.

Plus, I’d probably get a citation for eating while walking as well. As the law goes, I would have been at fault on the road for not leaving enough space between the two of us.

The upside to Thursday was some swag came my way.

In my five years of television and now one on the web, not much has thrown my way (you know, minus those game passes to the 9th floor at the Garden), and that is perfectly fine.

It’s not the reason I wanted to do this, and certainly not something that is expected.

But it’s always nice to get a little something, you know, for the effort.

butler Super Bowl Blog: Tim Tebow, Madonna And Some SWAG

The view from Hinkle Fieldhouse as Butler takes on Wright States. (Photo by Matt Geagan/CBS)

The Super Bowl people are making sure the media remains happy.

I got a nice Super Bowl XLVI mini-helmet, something that will either stay on my desk or get stolen by my younger brother, and a free ticket to the Butler-Wright State game.

I went to the game with fellow basketball junkie Chris Gobielle, one of the WBZ-TV photogs, and enjoyed it immensely.

Brad Stevens runs a great program, despite their now 13-11 record, and it was fun to see a game at the Hinkle Fieldhouse, a very old-school basketball arena.

The place had a great atmosphere, although the Wright State student section was louder than the Dawg Pound.

While the 64-53 Butler victory was not a showstopper by any stretch, it was nice to see Stevens’ system up close; a very classic, Princeton-style offense where everyone touches the ball, and everyone needs to be moving as a unit.

It was nice to talk with some Butler alums, and even a converted Indiana fan.

The quote of the night came after the Raiders Cole Darling hit a nearly full-court shot to end the first half, and a Bulldog fan behind us casually said “Well, I hope that’s the last three they hit.”

Catching the game was a nice relaxing escape from all the Super Bowl hoopla, and a glimpse at how much the college game is enjoyed in another part of the country.

Upon returning to the lovely Hilton, opting to stay in and see if the Clippers Blake Griffin can produce another poster-friendly dunk against the Denver Nuggets, another surprise awaited me in the room.

Apparently the Hilton staff reads my blog (so they’re the ones!) and liked my kind words.

Some chips, dip, a few beverages and a wonderful note greeted me, capping off a tiring, yet great day in Indy.

Now if people would just stop saying “Have A Super Day,” all would be right.

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    Super Bowl 46 footage!

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