INDIANAPOLIS (CBS) – In my search to find why Colts fans didn’t want the Patriots to win another Super Bowl, a very easy search at that, I came across a couple Patriots fans that aren’t our typical Patriots fans.

No, they aren’t the ones that paint their face silver and blue, dye their hair red, or even arrive at Gillette Stadium 12 hours early to get “lubed up” for big games in the freezing New England weather. They are pretty typical to be honest, and as Jonathan Elias reported, they arrived Friday afternoon.

No, these two Patriots fans are unique because of geography.

While I spoke with people in Peyton Manning jerseys, Colts 2006 Super Bowl Champion sweatshirts, and even one guy whose goatee had blue beads at the end of it, I noticed a lone Patriots fan walking around with a 49ers fan.

The two are sisters, Katie from Carmel, Indianapolis, and Nancy from Boxford, Tennessee, and were part of the few Patriots fans I saw in Indy early Friday. Katie, the 49ers fan, loves Joe Montana. She doesn’t hold any ill feelings towards the New York Giants, who knocked her Niners out two weeks ago in the NFC Championship, but wants a Patriots victory on Sunday.

Why? Because so does her sister.

But this is where it gets a little interesting.

Nancy is a University of Tennessee alum, and a huge Peyton Manning fan. She got to enjoy his illustrious career with the Volunteers, winning 39 of his 45 games and throwing an SEC record 89 touchdowns.

The catch? She loves the Patriots.

“I’ve always been a fan,” she said with a smile, wearing a Patriots sweater and some red and silver beads around her neck.

Even in Peyton’s house?

“I still support him,” she said, but someone else has her heart. “But I love Tom Brady.”

And for a weekend, her sister does as well.

“I’m a fan because my sister is a fan,” said Nancy, who was wearing her 49ers jacket.

The two won’t be attending Sunday’s game, but had a blast walking around Media Row. It’s the first year the NFL is allowing fans in, and their goal was to see some football players.

They did just that, catching a glimpse of Jason Taylor, Michael Irving and Desmond Howard, just to name a few.

Unfortunately though, no Tom Brady sightings.

Tune in to Super Bowl XLVI between the Patriots and Giants on 98.5 The Sports Hub, the only place to hear the local call of the game. Pregame coverage begins Sunday, February 5 at noon.

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  1. Clem says:

    The mashole are easy to spot in Indy, they cut you off on the interstate give the finger and yell the red coats are coming the red coats are coming

    1. Mashole says:

      Us mashole cut you off cause your doing 40 mph in the fast lane. stay to the right slowpoke and get out the way. Cause the red coats are coming.

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