Keller @ Large: Missing The Snow? No Way!

BOSTON (CBS) – If I hadn’t heard it with my own ears, I wouldn’t have believed it. But yesterday, as we all basked in the glow of yet another unseasonably warm winter day, a friend of mine said, and I quote: “Gee, I miss the snow.”

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

“I miss the snow?”

Are you kidding me?

Let’s stipulate that we all want to see our fellow citizens prosper, and thus are not unsympathetic to the plight of ski areas and other snow-related businesses that are taking a hit from our unusually mild winter.

Most ski area do have snow-making equipment, and even though there may be no snow in your backyard to inspire you, if you enjoy skiing or other winter sports you should definitely take advantage of what they’re offering on the slopes.

But I’m afraid that’s the end of my sympathy for the snow-deprived.

The rest of us are absolutely loving this winter, and wish every winter could be just like it.

You can walk the dog or take your tot out in a stroller without fear of falling or encountering unnavigable snow banks.

You can drive somewhere without having to chip away at the ice to get into your car and worrying about getting stuck or spinning out on the way.

When you get there, available parking is not constrained by huge piles of plowed or unplowed snow.

The streets have remained relatively clean as Bostonians are apparently less likely to chuck their trash just anywhere when there is no snowbank to hide the evidence.

And the best part of all – I’ve been able to keep the mega-parka, the one that makes me look like the Michelin Man on steroids, in the closet, where it belongs.

Meanwhile, our heating costs are down, snow removal expenses have been negligible, and almost everyone is in a much better mood.

So far, that is.

Experience tells us this winter could still turn nasty.

But missing the snow, ice, and relentless bitter cold?

Not me, friend, no way.

And I bet my allies on this outnumber yours 10,000 to one.

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