NEW YORK (AP) — Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick has a two-book deal, including a budget-priced e-book and a second work that will build on responses to the first.

Hyperion announced Thursday that “Faith in the Dream” will come out in May.

It will be listed at $2.99 in the hopes of finding “a broad and diverse readership.”

According to Hyperion, the book “represents a strategic expansion of Governor Patrick’s core vision” and will help Patrick communicate with readers through social media.

The second book, currently untitled, is scheduled for 2014.

It will be available electronically and on paper and will incorporate responses to “Faith in the Dream.”

Patrick has written a previous book, “A Reason to Believe,” which came out in 2011.

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Comments (5)
  1. gramps says:

    It will be listed at $2.99 in the hopes of finding “a broad and diverse readership.”

    @ $2.99 shouldn’t take a big bite outa ‘EBT’ cards…

    His ‘journey’ to the Oval office….’CONTINUES’!


  2. emom says:

    Now we know why this state is in such a mess,, He is to damn busy writting books,,, He is such a waste of a time. All he does is promote his mug on tv and does nothing to help the commonwealth..
    OH BUY THE WAY,, is he paying 15% or 30% in taxes on his royalties,,,, does he have a swiss bank account that he is HIDING his money in all to avoid paying taxes,,,,,, I WONDER,,,,

    1. fred says:

      His first book sold only about nine thousand copies and was a huge financial loss for the publisher because he was paid 1.3 million in advance. i don’t think he will ever get any royalties until the publisher breaks even. As of right now the advance = ‘s about $ 140 per book – keep in mind all of the other costs associated with this. If i owned stock in that company I would dump it.

      1. gramps says:

        Like the Lawyer that he is, he’s just laying a foundation….

        Once he throws his hat into the 2016 Presidential ring, they’ll sell.

        Keep a eye on the stock….It’s not knowing ‘how’, it’s knowing WHEN!


  3. taxedout says:

    J.K. Rowling has Nothing to worry about

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