BOSTON (CBS) – School teacher Richard Nunez was in the front row today as Eldrick Broom denied raping and murdering his wife of 17 years.

Rosanna Camilo had moved to Mattapan to get medical treatment for her very sick toddler son, as her husband stayed behind in the Dominican Republic with another child.

But last November, prosecutors say Broom, a neighbor, entered her apartment on Fairlawn Avenue and attacked her, leaving her with an electric cord wrapped around her neck. Her disabled toddler was in a nearby crib.

WBZ-TV’s Ken MacLeod reports

In court Thursday, prosecutors said Broom’s DNA matched the rape kit and was under the victim’s fingernails from the violent afternoon encounter.

A judge had sprung Broom from jail just a few months earlier, after his pregnant girlfriend accused him of attacking and choking her.

Now, he is charged with murdering a mother of three who came to this country seeking help.

Rosanna Camilo’s 16-year-old daughter came home from school that November day to discover her mom’s body.

Until that point, the teenager had loved her time in the United States, and even told family she wanted to stay here for college.

Now, her dad says she doesn’t ever want to set foot in this country again.

Comments (7)
  1. Julie Miller says:

    You know who needs to be on trial? The judge who sprang this bag of dirt knowing his violent tendencies.

    Bring back the death penalty to this state, it could have saved a life and a family in this case – and – hold judges accountable when their liberalism results in further crimes by the released perps.

  2. David Axelrod says:

    “A judge had sprung Broom from jail just a few months earlier, after his pregnant girlfriend accused him of attacking and choking her.”

    If I were the husband of the murdered woman, I would track down the name and address of the judge who “sprung Broom”, and execute him/her.

  3. PorchNegro says:

    Nig gers …. They’re why Africa is Africa.

    1. Not all blacks are involved in this kind of disgrace. This is equal to saying all Mexicans or Spanish are rapist. Same Donald Trump talk. SMFH

  4. JKH says:

    If they are more than a few percent of the population, things invaribly go to hell. The neighborhood I grew up in was always poor, but when I was a kid in the 80’s it was safe and clean. In the 90’s blacks began moving in, and being an idealistic young liberal I though it was great.

    Today,the place is a crime ridden dump.

  5. Mark Kutz says:

    They forgot to say that he was an “entrepreneur” who “nivver done nuthin wrong”. Condolences to his 17 children and his 5 ho’s.

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