BOSTON (CBS) – A Burlington woman is suing her uncle and 10 other men for sexually assaulting her when she was a young girl. She has hired prominent Boston attorney Carmen Durso to represent her. She spoke Wednesday about the allegations at Durso’s office in the Financial District.

Rosanne Sliney, who is now 48-years-old, says her uncle and godfather, Domenic Previte, Jr. of Waltham raped and sexually assaulted her hundreds of times when she was between 5 and 14 years old.

She kept it all a secret until she was in her twenties when she broke down and told relatives.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Bernice Corpuz reports

“They all acknowledged and understood the truth of what I had remembered,” said Sliney.

She says her family pressured her to forgive Previte, who agreed to pay for her medical and therapy bills. Durso says Previte has stopped providing financial assistance.

Sliney is now seeking damages for her pain and suffering.

“I have suffered enough, and I am not hiding anymore,” said Sliney.

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  1. Billy Bibbott says:

    This man deserves to be put in a place where he can endure the same pain he put this girl through. Domenic Previte was the owner of the Lechmere car washes and other businesses. He repeatedly raped his niece and allegedly allowed other men to do the same and then has the gall to pay her $26,500 and expect her to forgive him? I would not be surprised if this is just the tip of the iceberg with this man. This poor girl deserves justice. I hope she gets it.

    1. lisa b says:

      sounds like someone looking for money. give me a break. save it for Disney

      1. Paige M says:

        You obviously are one of the fortunate ones who has never been raped or molested. Good. I am glad. I hope your luck holds out and your children are as fortunate as you. But the statistics say otherwise. Especially for the children of women who don’t believe things like that happen. Maybe it would be best if you didn’t have children.

    2. Esther P says:

      Thank you for the info on this PIG! He’ll get his one way or another. Some people are hard with their shameful comments. Apparently they wouldn’t mind if this happened to their daughter!!! Unbelievable!

      1. Esther P says:

        I wasn’t thanking Lisa, I was Thanking Billy Bibbott.

  2. Linda says:

    The pain from this lasts a lifetime. It is good that she is standing up to him. It takes a lot of courage to take this creep to court. I admire her.

  3. Justice says:

    Ok be honest if you wanted to go to Disney would you expose the horror you endured at hands of a child molester to get that? Would you admit your uncle did things to you that in many countries he would be killed in the streets for? You must live in the “glass house”? All glass houses fall, not if but when someone you love comes to you for help, I hope your better educated on the matter and victims like rosanne will have already passed bill h469 to the floor so your loved one can press criminal charges, get a fair fight and justice. Disney. Come on are you kidding.

  4. Justice says: get educated. 1 in 4 women have been sexually abused, 85% by a family member. Pretty powerful when you think of the odds when your amongst a group of girlfriends. How does Disney sound now?

  5. Over_It_Spencer says:

    Having been through a similar situation I feel it is ok for me to say something.
    She is 48 Years old; came to her family with the news in her 20’s and only NOW is saying something. For a bit more then 20 years she said nothing; letting this man out to do whatever to other girls? I do not buy it.
    @ Billy Bibbit, it does not say that he let anyone else hurt her (at least not in this article) but it does say that her family pressured her to forgive him. Maybe THAT is why she is going after other family members.

    1. Billy Bibbott says:

      I wrote “He repeatedly raped his niece and allegedly allowed other men to do the same”, key word allegedly. I read many of the articles from different news sites and this specific site did not have a link to the complaint that was filed (C.A. No. 12-0345), so you are correct in that regard “at least not in this article”. The suit, in pdf format is on line and it clearly says, COUNT SEVEN: Defendant PREVITE conspired with defendants MICHAEL MOE Nos. 1-10 to commit acts of sexual abuse against plaintiff Rosanne. Because of the reckless and/or intentional acts of defendant PREVITE, defendants MICHAEL MOE Nos. 1-10 were able to sexually assault and batter the plaintiff Rosanne.
      If you read the complaint it mentions RECENT recollections which are probably within the statute of limitations and why I am guessing this suit has standing.
      Lisa B. If this act of heroism on the victim’s part gives just one victim of abuse the courage to come forward, it is worth it.

      1. Billy Bibbott says:

        This is an attempt to paste a link to the complaint filed, hopefully it works, if not, the case number is in my last post and the site I read it on was on “

  6. Justice says:

    I don’t believe anyone is “going”after anyone… Just speaking the truth. Truth is hard to hear, it is what it is.

  7. Amy Griffith Hart says:

    I would like to rip Lisa B’s head right off. She has no idea what the hell she is talking about and has a lot of nerve saying what she said. I’ve know the victim for more than 20 years and have personally witnessed her horrible suffering. Because she suppressed these horrific memories and attempted to live somewhat of a life is NO reason why she should have to live the rest of her life in silence. Speaking up and reclaiming her life is an incredibly difficult, brave, and courageous thing and she should be applauded for doing so. Previte living the rest of his pathetic life penniless and homeless pales in comparison to the suffering Roseanne has had to endure.

  8. Real World says:

    Just saying DISNEY, you must be a sad and argey women not to believe silence is in the past and what rosanne is doing is the most impressive stance that any survivor of such acts! If you have children I feel bad for them because you are probably giving them the impression that they can not talk to you! There is no price tag for what that monster did, he basically murdered her soul and should rot in jail. Receiving money from an abuser is dirty money! She went to the family and they silenced her -as read in this article. Exposer is the best, no money in the world could make a difference, GO BACK TO DISNEY and stay out of the realities of the world!

  9. Real World says:

    Just want to make clear that the last post was to Lisa B. she referred in her post about Disney!!!!

  10. Loving the Real World says:

    This is to Lisa B or who ever you really are……. It is obvious that you are living your life hiding from something….. All Victims need to realize that the GOOD people, the 99% of this world support them. It is people like you that would prefer to silence them…. SHAME on YOU! Thank God for Rosanne and anyone else that can come up with the courage to go public….. go ahead with your negative thoughts you only fuel the fire for those of us who believe: THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE……….. ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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