The Patriots and Giants are both in Indianapolis getting ready for Super Bowl XLVI and so are Toucher & Rich. The guys are out there all week to get all the info from experts and players.

Will Carroll from Sports Illustrated sat down with T&R to discuss the game, Rob Gronkowski’s injury and Peyton Manning.

Gronkowski suffered an high ankle sprain in the AFC Championship against the Baltimore Ravens and everyone is questioning what his status is. How might this injury affect him on the field?

“Any high ankle sprain is going to cause problems with any lateral motion.”

Since the injury Gronk hasn’t participated in practice at all and has been in a walking boot. How important is it that he’s missing practice? What does it mean if he doesn’t participate in practice at all leading up to the Super Bowl?

“I really don’t think it’s going to affect a whole lot. He’s going to be there, he’s certainly going to be physically tested their going to want to see how much they can trust him and how much they have to adjust.”

Is there a chance that he could do more damage to his ankle by playing with the injury he has?

“The worst that could happen is he could have a severe high ankle sprain and completely tear that ligament, but that’s so unlikely. Plus even if he did he could be back by training camp so, most players rightly or wrongly are going to take that risk.”

The guys also discussed the possibility of the Giants targeting Gronk’s bad ankle in hopes of knocking him out of the game or diminishing his effectiveness.

They also discussed the injury that kept Peyton Manning from playing this season. Has this affected his velocity and will he return next season?



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