This is not the time to get politically correct at the MBTA. Boston is the heart of Massachusetts and the T is the lifeblood of Boston. While we wait to hear how catastrophic upcoming fare hikes and service cuts are going to be, we find out that the T is rejecting one and a half million dollars in add revenue from alcohol companies. The thinking is that minors will be encouraged to drink if they see pictures of booze on the T.

Well, if we should not publicly show pictures of things that can be harmful to minors then I guess we will have to ban adds for automobiles, motorcycles, and much more. And I suppose minors should be banned from using the internet. Who knows what the internet will drive them to do.

It is the job of parents to teach kids that some things are for grown-ups and not for kids. Because the MBTA has decided parents cannot guide their children, the city of Boston is diminished.

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