Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is becoming the biggest star on the team aside from Tom Brady in only his second year. He’s speaking Spanish in interviews with ESPN Deportes, getting mic’ed up for games and getting people to  “Gronk” everything in sight.

Well, folks have taken notice, and now the tight end is even starring in commercials. Take a listen as the guys listen to Gronk’s ad and watch it for yourself.

Fan songs are always fun, and the guys played plenty when Tim Tebow came to town. It seemed like Tebow fans uploaded new songs every day. Now, the guys are finding that Gronk is giving Tebow a run for his money in the fan song department.

They started things off with a song that was professionally put together, but those are not the fun ones. Listen as they play one written to a tune that we think Wallach loves.


Comments (3)
  1. Ed Doyle AKA Ed The Ape says:

    Hey guys I got to hear the Pod Cast of you playing my Do The Gronk Song.
    I laughed so hard I was crying. The funny part is you were talking about Tom Doyle’s Brady Shuffle and it must be in the Heritage because my real name is Ed Doyle. Thanks for the play. Love the show. Give em hell in Indy!!!

  2. Rex Montana says:

    36 degrees at 8:06 AM, and then indroduce Gronk as number 87, and Brady as 12 (like Jesus), that makes 99. Then add “ten miles north” which makes 109, and San Francisco, who are the 49’ers, so add that, which makes 158.

    158. Holly crap, you know what that means.

    Gronk is the anti-hulk.: “You wouldn’t like me when I’m gay and euphoric” (Euphoric, as in federal prison euphoric.)

    1. Rex Montana says:

      No, wait, that’s 148, which totally negates my comments about football and prison status. Crap, that was dumb. Crap.

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