By Levan Reid, WBZ-TV SportsBy Levan Reid

INDIANAPOLIS (CBS) – I am not a breakfast eater but we were told that Shapiro’s was one of the places to hit.

Their breakfast was called pretty good by Chris Gobeille, our photographer.

He then also admitted that it’s hard to mess up breakfast.

Here’s something I did not now.

The Colts have their name on a bottle of ketchup.

Red Gold is the brand and the horseshoe is right there.


The weather is windy and cold in Indianapolis, but that’s the only downfall.  Indy so far is better than Dallas last year and many of the other cold weather sites to host the Super Bowl.  The downtown is vibrant, the people are nice and you can get into a good restaurant.  This so far has been a good move, and as the week progresses it should only get better.

Some people wonder how will Indy hold up when the New Yorkers and New Englanders get here, and I think this place will be fine.

lego football Patriots Blog: Colts Ketchup With Breakfast

A Lego version of Lucas Oil Stadium is on display in Indianapolis. (Photo credit: Levan Reid/WBZ-TV Sports)


Brian Alano started building this Lucas Oil Lego Stadium when the team started building the real thing.

He started building it in April 2006 and finished in June 2009.

There are 30,000 bricks and 1,085 mini figures.


Day two here in Indy and here’s something that maybe many people don’t know.

indianapolis Patriots Blog: Colts Ketchup With Breakfast

Indianapolis at 7 a.m. Monday (Photo by Levan Reid)

Even though the state is in the Eastern Time Zone, it acts as if its on central time.

So at 7 o’clock this morning, the streets are still pitch black and the sun is nowhere to be seen.

Really strange.

WBZ-TV’s Levan Reid reports

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Comments (2)
  1. Lynn Pilcher says:

    The time zone in Indianapolis while in the Eastern Time Zone acts like the Central Time Zone because it is so far West of the Eastern Time Zone

  2. Bradies Queer says:

    How many wifes will be beaten by drunken husbands in Boston on Sunday night?

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