It sounds crazy but about half the people I talk to say they want a good dose of snow. They long for the winter wonderland that they remember snow to be. The trouble is that memory tends to be kind and the messy details of winter fade while the storybook images of a beautiful white landscape remain. Our recollections, at least mine, are kind that way.

The reality is that for motorists and pedestrians alike, lots of snow is a real drag. Let me remind you “glass is half full” folks of the potholes created by snow-plows that smash you cars’s tender parts, the parking problems, that danger caused by high snow-piles. And of course there is the getting up extra early to scrape the windshield. How about waiting around for the plow person to come an scrape your spot? Oh, don’t forget the dirty snow melting on the front hall floor. Did I mention the back breaking shoveling?

My best case winter would provide about four inches of snow every couple of weeks which would melt the next day because it is fifty degrees.

As for you snow-dreamers, be careful what you wish for.

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