BOSTON (CBS) – The CEO of a Boston burrito restaurant is using Twitter to nab the three men involved in a robbery.

Three people broke into the Boloco on Boylston Street early Saturday morning and took what appears to be a safe from the back room.

John Pepper, the CEO of Boloco, posted surveillance video of the robbery on YouTube, and shared the video on his Twitter account.

Watch the surveillance video:

Pepper is offering a $1,000 cash reward for information leading to an arrest.

Comments (3)
  1. R L says:

    Love the white kid showing his future mug shot to Boston’s finest. I give them less than a day.

  2. zaug says:

    why wasn’t the safe bolted to the floor LOL let the punishment fit the crime. if they get caught they should have to bolt safes to floors

  3. John Healy says:

    There is a cab stand on the corner of Mass. and Boylston St. and usually cabs are there, ask around the cab companies if taxi drivers noticed unusual activity. The robbers seemed to know where everthing was,perhaps former employees/ or regular customers?

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