Pats Fan In Afghanistan Outnumbered By New Yorkers

BOSTON (CBS) – Patriots fans everywhere are getting pumped for next Sunday’s Super Bowl, even in places where they’re outnumbered, like in certain parts of Afghanistan.

Local family members of U.S. Army SPC Robert J. Gordon III sent in a photo he posted on his Facebook page after last Sunday’s AFC Championship win against the Baltimore Ravens.

Gordon, who grew up in Haverhill and now calls Methuen home, is currently stationed in Afghanistan, right near the Pakistan border.

The 26-year-old’s commanding officer was kind enough to pull him out of the field so he could watch the AFC title game last week.

But, Gordon tells family members that he takes quite a ribbing over his love for the Pats.

Gordon says there are a number of New Yorkers stationed alongside of him who hate the Patriots.

He says he’s far outnumbered by opposing fans, but that it won’t stop him from rooting for his home team.

  • karen in ny

    hey spc gordon! booyaaaaaaaaaah to ya. thanks for your service. i’m a pats fan living in ny. i know all about taking the ribbing from the g-men fans. good of your co to let you be “inside the wire” for the game last week. you & your comrades are the true patriots and heroes among us. here’s hoping you all stay safe and come home soon, and that myra kraft plays the role of the “12th man” a week from tomorrow. go pats!

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