The NHL All-Star Game is on Sunday in Ottawa and Bruins captain Zdeno Chara was chosen as a captain for one of the All-Star Teams.

Thursday night the NHL held the All-Star draft and the guys discussed Chara’s picks. Fans wondered if Chara would pick his Tim Thomas and Tyler Seguin to be on his team.

Read: Chara Selects Thomas, Seguin In All-Star Fantasy Draft

Thomas didn’t have to wait too long because Big Z took him with his second pick. The goalie was asked about not attending the White House trip, but wouldn’t really talk about it too much. Luckily you can hear the crowd just yelling all sorts of great things.

They also listened to hear what went on with Phil Kessel. Last year Kessel was picked last overall, but not this year and again listen to the crowd reaction.

Chara did end up picking Tyler Seguin, but made him sweat it out a little by waiting till he was only one of four players left. Chara and the youngster did hug it out though just to show there were no hard feelings.


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  1. Rex Montana says:

    The play button in the video on the right is right over Deion’s nose. Very weird. It makes him look like Toucan Sam with buckteeth, “Follow my nose…”

    1. Rex Montana says:

      The video is “Deion Branch on Rob Gronkowski”, in case it rotates off the page.

      Look at it. It’s weird.

    1. Rex Montana says:

      You know I’ve had discussions with Linus, and he won, which is your point I think. No one understands that language.

      Thanks for the link.

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