By Lauren Leamanczyk, WBZ-TV's New Hampshire Bureau Chief

MANCHESTER, NH (CBS) – Three weeks after New Hampshire’s primary there are still political signs lining streets and public spaces.

WBZ asked Manchester residents about the eye-catchers turned eyesores.

“Very irritating,” said Ashu Rana.

“Two days after they put them up, I’m annoyed by them. They’re disgusting,” Amy Gardner exclaimed.

WBZ-TV’s Lauren Leamanczyk reports

More than three weeks after the last votes were counted, political signs are everywhere.

“Just the unsightliness. I just picked one up yesterday, stopped my car, put it in the trunk brought it to the dumpster at the high school,” said a Bedford resident.

New Hampshire state law is pretty clear. Cleanup is up to the campaigns. So far many are missing the mark.

WBZ went to the campaigns Manchester offices for answers but found locked doors and empty spaces. Some of the campaigns told us over the phone they’re working on taking the signs down.

State law says it should have been done by the second Friday after the election. That was January 20th. Now the job falls to cities and towns.

“It’s an issue throughout the city. It’s time consuming. It takes up our resources,” said Manchester Public Works Director Kevin Sheppard. He says taxpayers pick up the tab.

Those taxpayers vote for more enforcement, maybe even fines.

“If the people who put the signs there removed them, I’d be OK with that,” said Rana. “The fact that the city has to pay to have them removed, right now in the economy where their trying to raise taxes on everything including local businesses, I find that ridiculous.”

The pile of trash at the city drop off point includes signs from every campaign and it proves there’s no real punishment for polluting politicians.

Comments (8)
  1. emom says:

    Well this should be interesting WHO should clean up the signage mess… HHHMMM let me see..
    A) Those that own the property,
    B) Those that put the signs on the property
    C) The people that the signs represent.
    D) Some NICE neighbor willing to help out
    E) ASK A KID.
    Multiple choice..

    1. Dan Lavigne says:

      If I were to go and throw a bunch of trash on someones property anonymously, and through investigation a paper showed up in that trash with my name on it, I would be held accountable. I say that the offices of the individual being represented by the sign should be held responsible, unless it is a residential property and the owners gave their expressed permission for the signage to be put there in which case it would be that landowners responsibility. I live up north a bit and see more than enough crap signage left on the roadsides and highways that are not privately owned. I see signage left on publicly owned property that I am responsible for through my tax dollars. There is no excuse for littering no matter who you are. The political offices of the rep’s need to be held accountable…

  2. Aaron says:

    Seems so simple. The people who put them up should take them down. It’s not that hard. Why any tax money is being used is beyond me.

    1. Dan Lavigne says:

      Because it is not and has not been done. Do we simply leave the signs and wait for the “people who put them there” to come back? They won’t! So someone has to clean it up, and that responsibility my friend fall on each and everyone of us through our tax dollars.

  3. emom says:

    I would agree, HOWEVER, they must then gain permission from the home owners, Some might think its the homeowners responsibility.. By any chance would this be the same as clearing the sidewalks of snow,,, JUST asking… you would think it would be that simple……

  4. anon says:

    its simple, have the town pick them up, count them then fine the campaigns $10 for each sign left out.

    1. Dan Lavigne says:

      I believe here in Conway you can be fined up to $500 for littering, and I believe that is per-incident. I think other towns have similar littering laws. I say lets fine these politicians and hold them accountable for their messes…

  5. steve says:

    In Virginia they fine you 5.00 a sign 15 days after the election

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