WAYLAND (CBS) – Police in Wayland are worried about a new type of candy they say they found on a high school student during a recent traffic stop.

The candy, called Cheeba Chews, is chocolate taffy laced with THC, the chemical in marijuana that causes a high.

Cheeba Chews are made in Colorado and designed to be used as medical marijuana. Officers say the candy looks like a tootsie roll.

According to the Cheeba Chews website, each candy weighs about 10 grams and each candy contains the equivalent of an entire marijuana joint.

WBZ-TV’s Ken Macleod reports

The website also says that Cheeba Chews can only be purchased from pot dispensaries in California and Colorado, where medical marijuana is legal.

Medical marijuana is not legal in Massachusetts.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Lana Jones reports

Police aren’t saying exactly how many pieces of Cheeba Chews they confiscated. They do say they are concerned that kids may be able to get a hold of them for recreational purposes.

cheeba chews1 Pot Candy Seized From Wayland High School Students

The Cheeba Chews seized by Wayland Police (Photo by Mo Tate)

Officers say they have only seen one instance of Cheeba Chews, but they want to make sure parents are aware of the situation.

“It’s not widespread quite yet, it’s still a novelty,” Wayland Youth Officer Shane Bowles told WBZ NewsRadio 1030. “They re-wrap them in tootsie roll rappers. Other than the smell, you don’t know what they have. It’s a big concern for us.”

Under Massachusetts law, a citation for less than an ounce of marijuana carries a $100 fine.

Comments (16)
  1. vlizzle says:

    If you can only purchase this in Cali or Colorado and not order online (I checked) then how the heck did this stuff get to Wayland, MA? And yes, I want to try some!

  2. Cheeba Chews says:

    While in no way do we think these kids should have had Cheeba Chews, we just want to state a simple fact to go along with this story.

    There is not one documented sale to a minor from a dispensary in CO, not one. But there are thousands of documented liquor sales to minors. Marijuana killed 0 people last year. Alcohol killed apx 2.5 MILLION worldwide last year.

    Know the facts.

    1. concerned says:

      Shame on you. You have no conscious.

      1. CO-MA says:

        concerned- Im guessing this was your big accomplishment of the day?!?!? These things are great……I had more than a few when I lived in CO and I didnt have to take any pain meds when I was eating cheeba chews……now that im back in Boston, im back on percocet =(

        Keep fighting the fight cheeba chews! Many people depend on your product.

      2. Elvis says:

        Concerned, you don’t care about Alchohol killing a quarter million people? But you are outraged over a natural plant that does not kill anybody?

    2. Cheeba Chews says:

      Another thing i would like to add is that comparing Cheeba Chews taste to a Tootsie Roll is like comparing Nyquil to Cherry Kool-Aid. No one can or will be tricked into drinking Nyquil just because its a red liquid when told its Kool-Aid, the same goes for Cheeba Chews / Tootsie Rolls.

      -Owner of Cheeba Chews.

  3. My_Penny says:

    I am sure there is a way for individuals to obtain medical marijuana, just as illegal ways to obtain the substance. All it takes is a little cash and a prescription, somebody is buying and selling their prescriptions, I’ll bet. Just ask the kids where they got it and how they got it.

  4. massman says:

    Those look awesome.

  5. Wayland student says:

    This is 100% B.S wayland cops literary have nothing else to do so they tell news reporters to pretend like theres a problem so they look like there doing there job. there was 1 kid caught and now they turned it into a epidemic.. and no body puts them into tootsie roll rappers.

    1. jfm says:

      Go to school. Get an education. Learn proper English grammar.

      1. Adam says:

        pull your head out of your anus

  6. Shelia R. says:

    WOW. Never knew such things existed. My mind has been blown, and yes I want one.

  7. Cambridge Rocks says:

    What a waste of taxpayer money. Work on alcohol and tobacco prevention which kills more people than a marijuana ever could. The police apprehension of these kids is more damaging than the “pot bars”.

  8. Lucy H says:

    Just make it legal. If the police want a cut, they can put a vending machine in the lobby.

  9. Bird willins says:

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