Beacon Hill Lawmakers Upset With Cell Phone Use, Chatter During Sessions

By Ben Parker, WBZ NewsRadio 1030
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(Photo Credit: Andrea Courtois)

(Photo Credit: Andrea Courtois)

BOSTON (CBS) – We live in a world where distractions are a part of life.

But at the State House where official business is being conducted and debates are being held, at least one lawmaker thinks distractions by idle chatter and cell phone conversations, are to say the least, disrespectful.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Ben Parker reports

Freshman Representative Denise Andrews of Orange went so far as to complain during a formal session in the House this week.

Andrews took the podium during a debate on an education collaborative reform bill saying, “We wonder in today’s society why in the classroom teachers are not listened to. Yet, we sit here on Beacon Hill and do not listen to each other.”

Andrews said publically what some lawmakers apparently have already been thinking.

Some veteran House members say they think the boisterous banter has gotten worse recently, partly because there are fewer formal sessions.

Ironically, several of those in the chamber were unable to hear her comments and only learned about the remarks after the session.

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