By Colleen Mescall
meadhall e1320345185748 A New Place To Hang, Meadhall

Photo Credit: Colleen Mescall

Hours: Daily 11:30am – 1:00am

I have a recommendation for you: give Meadhall a try. This hip, relatively new Cambridge joint has been calling my name for a while now and I have finally answered (and I’m really glad I did). My friend Nicole and I dropped in on a Wednesday night – and may I say, I was very impressed (and delighted) with how packed it was in there. “Delighted?” you may ask. Yes, delighted – because this confirmed the fact that we must have made the right call in our selection for the night.

meadhall2 e1320345237607 A New Place To Hang, Meadhall

Photo Credit: Colleen Mescall

From the moment I arrived I was drawn in by the floor-to-ceiling windows and lively atmosphere (everyone looked like they were having so much fun in there!). We were then willed out of the cold into the warm, cozy beer heaven in front of us. With 100 craft beers on tap (listed on the biggest chalk board I’ve ever seen), a huge cherry wood bar with library style lamps and plenty of comfortable seating – this moderately priced hotspot is exactly where you want to be post-work.

meadhall4 e1320345252557 A New Place To Hang, Meadhall

Photo Credit: Colleen Mescall

A little piece of advice – when you go, don’t let yourself get overly distracted by the extensive beer menu. The food was delicious too! While I was there I decided to enjoy a cheeseburger and fries, and let me tell you, the fries were spectacular (the burger was great too, but oh! the fries…). They came with a side of fresh mustard that I just could not stop dipping them in. Please don’t miss these!

meadhall5 e1320345270174 A New Place To Hang, Meadhall

Photo Credit: Colleen Mescall

Kendall Square is quickly becoming the place to be these days with new openings left and right (Voltage, Abigail’s, Think Tank), not to mention that it’s super convenient to hop right on the T after you enjoy your evening. So, people…what are you waiting for? Get out of the cold and get into Cambridge’s latest beer heaven. You’ll quickly understand what all the chatter is about.

Colleen Mescall is a Marketing Manager for a website in the Boston area and holds a special place in her heart for the Celtics. She writes about her love of all things New England over at her blog, the daily craic, (catch her on Twitter @thedailycraic). 

Comments (2)
  1. Jeff says:

    Colleen great write-up! Meadhall is fantastic venue and we’d love to invite you out for our event on February 8th! We’re hosting a KickOff Party for our Kickstarter Campaign! Check out more at the link below.

  2. Thanks for the comment Jeff! Will definitely check out the event!

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