SOUTH BOSTON (CBS) – The son of Legal Sea Foods’ President and CEO Roger Berkowitz has been charged with drug possession and trafficking.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens reports

Thirty-two-year-old Matthew Berkowitz was arrested by Boston Police Tuesday.

Prosecutors say he received a package from overseas that contained nearly 2,000 grams of opium poppies and that it was his intention to make heroin and sell it.

He pleaded not guilty in South Boston District Court Wednesday and was released on $7,500 bail.

His father was in court for the arraignment.

Matthew Berkowitz’s attorney told WBZ NewsRadio 1030 that his client was drinking the drug in his tea.

“It’s just a sad case here of personal use and addiction. It’s something that the family didn’t know about, but they’re behind him, they support him,” attorney Tom Hoopes said.

“We call it a Class B substance. It’s no different than a lot of the pills that people are addicted to. Pain killer pills that you see on the street.”

“It’s just a little easier because you’re having it in tea, rather than having it some other place.”

Hoopes said Berkowitz needs treatment and that there’s a bed at McLean Hospital waiting for him.

Comments (3)
  1. sdfsdgsfdgd says:

    McLean? isn’t that where they sent Devalues wife when she had her breakdown?

  2. bostonindie says:

    totally outrageous “big drug bust” LOL what a load of BS, it was not even opium, it was dried poppy heads ,which are perfectly LEGAL(no pun intended)anyone can buy them here, there not OPIUM, there used in dried floral arrangements, and anyone can buy them here legally, there legal to buy, legal to sell and legal to possess
    they contain very little trace amount of actual opium and it is not possible to process them into heroin, it would take hundreds of pounds of fresh poppies and raw opium and a major lab and lots of controlled chemical precursors such as acetic anhydryde to make heroin if if the the dried poppies could be used, which they cant, not practically anyway as it would take literally tons if them, the only way you can be charged with any sort of crime or manufacturing i if your caught actually grinding them up and ingesting them otherwise there perfectly legal to own ,purchase and sell anyone can buy them from florida on ebay, and this man lawyed is not too smart making a statement like that ,in which he admits they were for consumption, that is the worst think he could have said, he should have just said there not illegal and there fora floral decoration, admitting to grinding to make tea ,is tantamount to admitting guilt and to manufacture, he needs to fire this lawyer.

    ,and what scum bags the police are for even arresting ths man, total bottom feeding low life parasites,this is EEXTORTION!, i guess it has nothing to do with the fact his dad is rich though,i hope these police and the system get sued by roger for wrongfull prosecution and harrasment, BPD you are POS scum bags, shame on you all

  3. dan says:

    wow!!! bostonindie. you sure know a lot about making heroin maybe the cops should come to your house

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