HINGHAM (CBS) – A reward is being offered in the case of a dog that was shot and killed by a pellet gun last week in Hingham.

The reward was started by the owner of A Fox and Hound Pet Care, and is up to $2,025.

Police say the dog’s owner, Joe Griffin, had brought the 7-year-old Australian Cattle and German Shepard mix to his parents’ home on Chamberlain Run last Thursday.

pellet1 Reward Offered After Dog Is Shot And Killed In Hingham

This pellet was taken from the dog. (Hingham PD)

He told officers he let the 65-pound dog named Stanley out to run around in the yard. An hour later, he found the dog dead in the backyard with some type of puncture wound.

A necropsy confirmed that the dog died from a shot by a pellet gun.

The reward is for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspect or suspects who shot and killed Stanley.

The case is being aggressively investigated by Hingham Police with assistance from Hingham Animal Control, The Massachusetts Environmental Police and the MSPCA Law Enforcement Division.

Comments (6)
  1. Diana says:

    How horrible! In his own yard too! I really believe we need stricter laws for those that hurt animals! My heart goes out to this sweet little guy and his owner! I shared the story on facebook, i hope they find and severely punish the person who did this!

  2. DoverDavid says:

    Stanley looks like a good old dog who is friendly and likes to both give and receive love. The fact that someone shot this dog, who was in it’s own yard is disgusting. I agree with Diana, we need stricter laws for animals because they are just like people and should be treated in the same regard. Who ever shot this dog needs to be shot themselves.

  3. web says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss! I hope you find out who did this.

  4. furdburfull says:

    look to the neighbors in the yard next to him for the shooter. Probally the hound made noise that the neighbor was upset about, if he did say nothing to quiet the hound to it’s owners, it would set the shooting in motion as the neighbor could say” I never complained and didn’t have a problem with the fecial smell that now permiates our living rooom from the dog using the side yard as a bathroom, or the holes under the fence from the front yard to the back yard or having to worry about the dog biting the children when he is loose running wild, ect. It was the neighbor resolving the problem. Just saying. Inconsiderate pet owners do not realise the extra stress their lousy control over thier pet has, especally cat owners I would say the pellet company doesn;’t make enough pellets to take care of the cat problem.

  5. Arlene says:

    As a person who had a dog that was kidnapped and then found dead, my heart and my prayers go out to Stanley’s owner. May you rest in peace, Stanley.

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