By Jim Armstrong, WBZ-TV

MANCHESTER, NH (CBS) – A Manchester, New Hampshire cab driver is behind bars, charged with sexual assault and kidnapping.

Last Friday night, a 21-year-old Concord, New Hampshire woman and two of her girlfriends were at a bar called Club Drynk in Manchester.

As the evening ended, they decided she wasn’t fit to drive.

WBZ-TV’s Jim Armstrong reports

“She had had a little too much to drink and her friends had paid for a cab ride back to Concord from Manchester,” said Sgt. Ryan Grant of the Manchester Police Department.

The cab in question was driven by 29-year-old Ayad Al Dulaimi.

Instead of driving her back to Concord, police say he took the victim back to his apartment in Manchester, where they say he sexually assaulted her twice and then kept her overnight.

Investigators say the victim was “physically helpless to resist.”

Al Dulaimi drove the victim back to Concord the following morning, but she came back to Manchester to report what had happened.

The driver’s company, Manchester Taxi, offered no comment. A manager told WBZ off camera she had no idea what we were talking about, and she refused to confirm his employment.

Al Dulaimi is set to go before a district court judge on Wednesday morning.

Comments (12)
  1. Linda says:

    What is his defense going to be, “But judge, this is normal in my country, we always rape our women and children”.

    1. Ahmad says:

      In fact, in his country he would be killed for what he did. Rape/sexual assault is more than a grave offense though it happens everywhere unfortunately. My sincere sympathy to the victim and her family. I hope he gets the maximum penalty he deserves under law.

      1. bosmonkey says:

        Too bad we don’t have the same penalties here. Besides the victim having to live with that, we have to pay for this low-life to be in jail.

  2. eddaddy says:

    wow how do we even know he raped her? he may be the victim here. you guys are dumb to quickly assume he is guilty. the girl had too much to drink, she threw herself at him and he took it. this sounds more like a girl scorned rather then rape.

    1. jpwd says:

      yeah…I have to wonder too…let’s not all be so quick to judge here.
      She may have been taken advantage of because she was drunk, but it sounds a lot like buyer’s remorse.

      1. Jean says:

        You’re right about not being too quick to judge,. We haven’t learned all the facts about whether this guy had a gun or knife and all the other facts of the case. Before you judge the victim, let’s get all the facts.

    2. bosmonkey says:

      Yeah, I am sure a girl who was so drunk she couldn’t drive, sitting in the back seat of a cab with a plexiglass window – threw herself at him. Maybe guys shouldn’t be such dumba$$es in this day and age to still have sex with a woman (and on top of that, a complete stranger !) who is drunk. How often has it been in the news of girl being drunk and filing rape charges?? It doesn’t matter what the truth is at that point. Just stay away instead of looking for the easy hookup.

    3. web says:

      wow eddadday, you must be a defense lawyer…we read a story and your FIRST gut reaction is to look for an excuse of some sort. Your first reaction wasn’t that we need more information, or don’t know the whole story, but rather that he didn’t do it because……. talk about assumptions…..

    4. Roger Baril Sr. says:

      you must be just like him,a low do not take advantage of a women who has had to much to drink no matter what.what kind of a man does that.a real sick person

  3. joewho says:

    This seems like a good date gone bad except he is a cab driver and she is a drunken girl.

  4. andy says:

    I drive a cab in concord new years i drove two drunk women home. They offered for me to come in i was not busy i could of went in and most likely had fun. I told the two women i had other calls. My point is women get easy when they drunk but cry rape after and the law says they can so even if there hot they are not worth it.

  5. AAA says:

    Shame on any of you saying she may be lying about this. Rape is a serious matter and I am a survivor. I heard comments like this and I had to seek intensive therapy because I was so emotionally hurt. You dont deserve a voice.., I wish this girl a speedy recovery. People DO understand and we are here…

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