FOXBORO (CBS) – Think you could have made the 32-yard field goal that Ravens kicker Billy Cundiff missed at the end of Sunday’s game?

On Monday, Mike Felger guaranteed that he could.

“I guarantee you I’m 5-for-5 on that kick,” Felger said on Monday’s Felger & Mazz show.

Felger then hashed out a plan to show just how easy that 32-yard field goal should have been for Cundiff.

“We’re all going to kick from 32 yards. I guarantee you half of us will make it. When you get there and you see how close it is, how wide the goal, and how you cannot miss that kick, it is going to put it into perspective just how much of a gag that was by the Baltimore Ravens,” Felger said Monday.

So, Felger, Tony Massarotti and Marc Bertrand, joined by 98.5 The Sports Hub producers Billy Lanni and Jimmy Stewart, all attempted the kick at a field in Watertown on Tuesday at around noon.

Watch the competition:

The loser of the field goal contest must grow a Joe Flacco Fu Manchu mustache through the Super Bowl, so there was a bit of pressure riding on each kick.

Bertrand, Lanni, Stewart and Massarotti all were unable to find success with any of their kicks. Felger, on the other hand, was able to split the uprights two out of three times from 32 yards. In the end, the group went a combined 2-for-15.

Felger then tried to nail a kick in UGG Boots while wearing a Cheesehead just to really embarrass Cundiff, but just couldn’t get the height or the distance.

After kicking zero field goals in the Billy Cundiff Field Goal Contest, Mazz said he wouldn’t leave until he made one. After four or five extra tries, Mazz was finally able to knock one through.

Watch Tony’s final kick:

Update: It’s been a week since the contest and only Tony Massarotti and Marc Bertrand are growing their Joe Flacco Fu Manchus. What do you think of the progress?

tony massarotti marc bertrand Felger & Mazz Hold Billy Cundiff Field Goal Contest

Tony Massarotti and Marc Bertrand have started to grow out their sweet Joe Flacco Fu Manchus for losing the Billy Cundiff Field Goal Contest (credit: Justin Opiechowski/Matthew Geagan/CBS)

Comments (26)
  1. also take into account that the pro uprights are less wide then high school uprights.

    1. Rex Montana says:

      also consider the shower after the game, a t lot less wider and shorter, skewed to the left.

  2. Josh Chace says:

    LOL man.. stomping right on the mans grave.

  3. Steve Kailher says:

    that was awful….I’ve seen better attempts at the Pee Wee level..I will give Felger credit though, he is the one who said he could do it,

  4. WiggyWear Stillmansion says:

    Billy Lanny with the mizuno baseball cleats!!!

  5. James says:

    they are also using a tee, which makes it easier

  6. Adam says:

    You can’t use a tee… pros could kick 70-80 yard field goals with a tee. Placeholder only!

  7. myheadhurtsnow says:

    Wow – it’s like rec day at the state school…! Props for the Uggs and cheesehead though – well played.

  8. Keith Lohnes says:

    I can’t believe Felger didn’t Tebow after making his.

  9. Clarke says:

    You guys gotta lose some weight out there!

  10. Brian P says:

    Anyone else find it amazing that they all tried to kick the FG from straight on? There’s a reason all the NFL kickers are soccer-style kickers. Guessing half of these guys broke their big toe.

  11. JC says:

    Hey, Felger & Mazz. In the NFL the hash marks are equidistant between the goalposts. The hash marks you guys were kicking from are used inhigh school & college.

    1. Pat O. says:

      That is what I was coming here to say. However, the way Felger and Mazz did it (HS and College field) is actually harder because you have to kick at more of an angle.

  12. Riccicup's Mom says:

    Not as easy as it looks, is it? I should call the Ravens front office. I’ve got a 14 yr old Pop Warner player who kick’s better than Cundiff!

  13. Fu Mancu says:

    Why does everyone think Joe Flacco has a Fu Manchu? A Fu Manchu is a mustache only, the hair is long and hangs down. Joe has a horsehoe, look it up.

  14. Fran says:

    I have never seen such a group disgusting fat men other than Felger In my life U guys should not be allowed to talk about sports all day U should be working out yourselves How can u guys be critical of any athlete when u look like that. The closest thing u are to athletics would be to be used as a Swiss ball..And whoever # 53 is not only disgusting but kicks like a girlLOL LOL LOL

  15. JoeDerossa2 says:

    Felger and Mazz…. Biggest Armchair Quarterbacks of all time. These elderly men need to stop acting like they aren’t 50 year old bums. Such an embarrassment to our hometown teams.

  16. Scott Hughes says:

    You guys and i say that lightly, look like a bunch of sissys. I would say girls, but ive seen girls kick better than you guys

    1. Fran says:

      You’ right Scott It was definitely an insult to girls to say they kick like girls Sissy would be much more appropriate LOL

  17. Ucant says:

    You guys have no business setting foot on that field. Never mind that comical display. Its always the least athletic guys who like to talk about sports, because they were certainly never the first picked in Phys. Ed. class !!!!!! What’s next for you Misfits? Your expertise in the Octagon??

  18. Scott Hughes says:

    Felger sucks at skating too, watch sticks and stones

    1. Ucant says:

      A field goal in an NFC Playoff game with seconds to go to tie the game? Being of sound body and mind I’d have to say “No”. but I could go out on a field unlike those clowns and kick some through the uprights and certainly miss some with more grace. Those guys look like they’ve never play a sport in their lives. I guess that’s pretty average these days in America.

  19. Fleeger says:

    Pandora is playing Joe Bonamassa’s “India/Mountain Time” exaggerating and amplifying the insignificance of this. The overwhelming insignificance. My God, the insignificance.

    Beautifull, so beautiful.

  20. Rich Bogo says:

    Tony & Mike are Physical Specimens compared to the rest of the crew hahaha

  21. barney from lowell says:

    did you guys apolgize to the baltimore real kicker wet? i didn’t think so .thorton was right suck it felger!

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