The Patriots defeated the Baltimore Ravens 23-20 in the AFC Championship Game, clinching a berth in Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis against the New York Giants.

Bert Breer of the NFL Network joined Toucher & Rich to talk about the win over the Ravens and his prediction last week that the Ravens would win.

When T&R talked with Breer last week, he thought that the Ravens would beat the Pats 24-23. What does he have to say about his prediction now?

“I give the Patriots a ton of credit because I thought that was the type of game that they would lose in the playoffs,” said Breer. I thought that every team that wins a Super Bowl has to win a game like that where the air is taken out of the ball and it turns into one of these ‘who’s the last man standing’ type of games. I thought when the Patriots ran into that type of game that was going to be it for them.”

What surprised Breer the most about that game on Sunday?

“The thing that surprised me the most really was the way the Patriots were able to run the ball on the Ravens and I think the Ravens let that happen to a degree because they wanted to slow the game down. And, I have to say the whole operation at the end for the Ravens,” said Breer.

Ed Reed made some comments in the week leading up to the game on Sunday and his quarterback Joe Flacco. Reed caught a lot of heat for criticizing the QB, but came out after the loss and said that he did it to motivate Flacco. Does Breer agree with the move and the explanation?

“I think the things that Ed Reed does are calculated and I think that was a calculated move to light a fire under Joe Flacco and kind of getting him going to a certain degree,” said Breer.

Does Breer think this was Baltimore’s last best chance to make it to a Super Bowl?

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  1. Pitak says:

    Let me get into this party. The Pats alyaws look good but they havent been like the ol’ Pats that put fear into everyone. The Steelers need to step it up on offense and the Ravens do too. I take the Steelers because they for some reason alyaws find the right plays that gets them that ring. And from what I remember they lead with 6 all-time. Get some jugo

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