FOXBORO (CBS) – Tom Brady did not have his best game in a Patriots uniform against the Ravens in Sunday’s AFC Championship Game.

The Patriots won 23-20 to advance to Super Bowl 46 in two weeks, but Brady played a lesser role in the victory than usual.

After the game, he gave himself an honest assessment when presented with the conference title after the game.

“I sucked pretty bad today, but our defense saved us,” Brady told CBS’ Jim Nance after the win. “I’m going to try to go out and do a better job in a couple of weeks.”

Brady may not have liked his human-like performance, but the rest of the Patriots’ organization didn’t seem to mind.

“Who cares, we won,” tight end Rob Gronkowski said of his quarterback’s performance after the game.

“There’s no quarterback I’d rather have than Tom Brady. He’s the best,” head coach Bill Belichick said after the game. “He does so much for us in so many ways on so many different levels. I’m very fortunate that he’s our quarterback and what he’s able to do for this team. It’s good to win with him and all the rest of our players. If that’s more than somebody else did, I don’t really care about that.”

Patriots owner Robert Kraft had the same feelings as well.

“Well here’s what he said to me. He said to me, ‘I promise you I’m going to play a lot better in two weeks.’ He’s still pretty good in my book,” said Kraft. “I’ll take him over any quarterback. I’ve been watching the NFL for a long time and there’s no quarterback I’d rather have.”

“Tom’s very hard on himself. That’s why he’s the best player in the NFL,” said receiver Deion Branch. “He takes a lot of stuff to heart and he expects to go out and do everything perfectly and then we expect that from him as well but at the same time like I said, nobody did anything great on the offensive side of the ball tonight. Nobody. So for him to sit in and say that we except that but overall nobody did anything perfect.”

Brady finished 22 of 36, passing for 239 yards and two interceptions for a quarterback rating of 57.5. He did rush for a go-ahead touchdown in the fourth quarter, though.

“You want to hit the open guys, you want to capitalize when you have open receivers; I wish I had done a better job of that today,” said Brady after the game. “I’m glad we won, I’m glad we’re moving on. Hopefully I can go out there and do better in a few weeks. I think offensively, we can do better and that’s what it’s going to take.”

Stephen Gostkowski kicked three field goals, and BenJarvus Green-Ellis also rushed for a touchdown. The defense, meanwhile, held Baltimore running back Ray Rice to just 67 yards and forced a Joe Flacco interception.

“I’m proud of my teammates. You fans were unbelievable today – the 12th man. We needed it. We’re going to try to go out and kick some butt in a couple weeks,” Brady said at the podium after the game.

In the end, Brady advances to his fifth Super Bowl, tying John Elway for the most appearances in the big game. Should Brady win, he would tie Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw for the most Super Bowl victories with four.

“It’s incredible. You watch this game as a kid growing up, I was a 49ers fan so I got to watch a lot of Super Bowls. You pinch yourself. To get this opportunity, I’m privileged to be a part of an incredible organization, to play with a great group of teammates. It’s really a privilege to play quarterback on this team,” Brady said.

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  1. Julia K says:

    I wish the Patriots would play in a big game every week! The malls and restaurants are not as busy, and my friend and I can shop and eat in peace! Couldn’t care less about the Patriots though… I have more important things to do with my time! =)

    1. Thank you soldiers says:

      I am sure your better half encourages you and your girlfriends to go out and enjoy the empty malls. Who would even want you in the same building, never mind the same room when a football game is going on. Julia K AKA Carrie Heffernan.

    2. James says:

      So you don’t care about the Pats and you “have more important things to do with your time”? You must not have anything important to do with your time now since you just took the time to read and comment on an article about the Pats. You are an idiot.

    3. richard ogilby says:


    4. Bob Griffco says:

      Julia, thx for your #1 comment on this post.You are a princess in waiting. I am a store owner at a mall and i love woman like you. Stay healthy and cool.
      Bob from Plymouth, MA

  2. Jim Christian says:

    What a treasure you are, Julia.Go shop, eat, get fatter, spend your hubby’s money. Who cares anything about your piggy ways?

  3. Julia K says:

    Thank you Jim, but if you knew me, you would know that I am overly educated, and very single. But you are just a little ‘follower,’ who follows the masses to believe in false idols… I pity you. I will not respond further, as debating with a man of your intelligence level, bores me.

    1. Champ says:

      Julia K, you overly educated, single bore, what you need is a good licking.

  4. dan says:

    yeah jim ,even my wife was routing for the pats and she is from canada. hockey country

  5. dan says:


  6. Kevin says:

    Football. LOL. You losers. Noting else to think about but football. No hobbies, talents or interests so you let your tribal instincts take over and act like a bunch of apes. FOOBALL, GO PATS, PATRIOTS, OOHHH AHHHH.

    So they won the AFC. Nothing happened to me. If they win the Superbowl, nothing will happen to me either. It’s asleep, mindless idiots like you people that are driving this country to the ground.

  7. pg710 says:

    Kevin I think you should look at yourself, just because you don’t enjoy sports doesn’t mean those that do are mindless idiots or driving the country into the ground. If this is what you think you are idiot. Football/sports qualify as “interest.” Being able to play any sport at the professional level is a “talent.”

    PS to Julia, If you don’t like sports why waste your time posting comment here? My thought is you have no life, no boyfriend, etc.

  8. HighlyEducatedFootballFan says:

    How can one be “overly educated”? The truly educated know that no amount of knowledge is enough, Julia.

    Kevin … were you beat up by a fooTball player at one point in your life? Some might consider you a loser since you are in fact insult millions of people, anonymously.

    GO PATS!

  9. Bill A. says:

    Geez…Julia is single! I never would have guessed that. Probably home alone every Saturday night curled up with a book and a bottle of wine. What a catch.

  10. Jim Baker says:

    The reason I like the Pats is: You hardly ever hear them :bad Mouth another player from another team- You Never hear them say anything bad about their own player
    They are about succeeding and that’s it The Coach {I think } Has a ton to do with this, Brady was not himself Sunday- -How many times has anyone been 100% every time they go to work, I am retired {Texas Longhorn} and have been for years- I have 28 Fantasy FB teams and Brady was on 22 of them- -would have been on the others except Another “player beat me to Him…. He is a Treat and My kind of Player- Yankee or NO- :-) Hook’em Pats

  11. Frank Defelice says:

    Brady is his own worst critic. He needs to stay focused.

  12. Jim Baker says:

    Oh I forgot to say: Do you who commented re” whos’it and not liking the Pats,
    Played right into her wanting- She just needed somebody to visit with- and that is OK I suppose- -Wouldn’t know since I am Blessed to have many friends- Most who are “Sports Nuts” / football- – Why else would she be up at Mid-night reading about sports — May God Bless Her,, ,

  13. Raw Lewis says:

    Julia is self centered. So is Brady. So am I, I guess by this comment: Do you think Brady’s below average stats were in any way influenced by, oh I dunno, the Ravens defense?

    1. Raw Lewis says:

      not one reference to the opponent’s effort. classless dress wearing whiner

  14. dave says:

    I don’t know about anyone else ,but i went crazy in the 4th qtr with 7 min. to ,our possession,and we through a pass to double coverage ??? Whose idea was that !!!Keep the ball run a
    little, short passes,and right !use some clock,makes sense

  15. Jim Brown says:

    All in all, the Patriots were very, very lucky to come away with a win. If the Patriots who played the Broncos had shown up for the Ravens game, it would have been a blow-out – there isn’t a team in the entire NFL that could have beat that team. Unfortunately, the “other” Patriots showed up and we had a donnybrook. The obvious need for the Pats is a wide receiver; unfortunately, it is too late this season for that. I still pick the Pats to win the Super Bowl – I am a dyed-in-the-wool Pats fan and Always Will Be!! GO PATS!!!!!

  16. BJ says:

    I am a die hard Pats fan and a few things about the team that played the Broncos and the one that showed up to play the Ravens. Two different teams on entirely different levels…the Broncos really shouldn’t have even been in the playoffs, the Ravens are an incredible football team and played us very hard. This win was a dog fight from start to finish and while we didn’t play as well or put up as many points I am more proud of this win because we had to fight for it and it showed everyone what this team is made of. I just wish that it hadn’t been so close…my heart nearly stopped on the Ravens missed field goal. Now it’s time to kick some ass in Indy and shut the Giants up once and for all it’s time for our revenge!!!!

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