By Meteorologist Joe Joyce, WBZ-TV

So far this winter most of our snow has been light or has occurred overnight, but this next round of snow will likely be our most substantial plowable snowfall we have seen since the October Nor’easter. Still, this will be no Nor’easter. Not even close. Still this will happen during the daylight hours with temperatures very cold in the teens and 20’s. It will be a light fluffy snow for most, but the roads will quickly become snow covered and slippery. If you do not have to travel today…please don’t.

Cold high pressure sits over us this morning supplying the cold. Our wave of low pressure sit over West Virginia and will track off the coast of the Delmarva peninsula and well south of Nantucket. This will ensure a mostly snow event for the region with the cold locked in place. We are dealing with very limited amounts of moisture with this system…  .15-.2″ of precip along the Mass Pike.  Cold air will make for snow rations of 20-1…so even with this limited amount of moisture, snowfall will add up to 2-4 inches for Boston Metro. Amounts will fall off even more heading up through the Merrimack valley into SNH…with lower end totals…of 1-3″. Heavier snow amounts are expected to move through CT, RI & SE MA…with available moisture .35-.65″…With slightly warmer air trying to push in during the afternoon. This will make for widespread 4-6″ of snowfall totals  with locally heavier amounts at the south coast in any bands. It will be a heavier wet snow along the south coast…so despite more moisture to work with…the environment for snow growth will not be as great.

As this low pushes off the coast, it will deepen a bit so there could be a bit of ocean effect enhancement with NE winds off the water which could help SE MA reach some higher totals toward 6″ in places like Plymouth, Sandwich, Bourne, Duxbury, New Bedford. These ocean effect snow showers should last into the evening hours towards SE MA and the Cape….while the rest of us begin to clear out with building high pressure from the west. Temps will be falling below zero across the far north, single digits in NW valleys, teens in the suburbs and hold in the 20’s right at the coast with a few more clouds and flurries.

Cold high pressure builds in over us Sunday with cool winds from the NE back to the east. Despite plenty of dry air in all levels of the atmosphere…I am afraid of low clouds backing in off the water with the onshore winds. Ocean effect flurries will likely continue at the coast. I think Sunday will start off with some sunshine…but clouds will be increasing from midday into the afternoon. Brighter skies will be found in Northern and Western New England, with more clouds in eastern MA.

Foxboro Forecast: Partly Cloudy, maybe a few flakes…light East winds. Kickoff near 30..falling into the upper 20’s by the 4th quarter.

By Monday, High pressure is well off the coast wrapping in warmer SW winds.  This will create overrunning cloud cover.  Problem is plenty of cold air will remain at the ground. As clouds thicken, low level moisture may create some pockets of freezing drizzle early Monday AM before the warm air arrives late in the day. Our next low will be tracking up through the Great Lakes. This will wrap around a cold front and a lobe of rain which will track up the east coast and arrive later in the day with rain and warming temps into the 40’s near 50.

Skies will be increasing with sunshine Tuesday & Wednesday with a gradual return to seasonal air for the middle to end of the week back into the 30’s to end the week.

Please join us on Facebook at WBZ Weather. We would love to see some of your Photos and here from you about how much snow you have received. Be safe out there! A great snow day!

Comments (16)
  1. WeatherWizard says:

    Thank you Joe.

  2. Anthony says:

    Joe i just dont understand whats going on here,you need to get off the snide.i just got done measuring my driveway here in lexington and there is just over 2 inches out there.if you look at the radar the storm is just about over for areas north of the pike,so how do you gus get these 4 5 6 inch numbers? another thing why would anybody be out on the roads in these slippery conditions?prediction for the pats game ravens 16 to 10.

    1. Major Dundee says:

      Ahhh Anthony….I think you need to take a course in reading comprehension my good man. Joe seemed to indicate a 2-4 inch snowfall in the metro area which I believe you are part of?? Maybe I’m wrong and if so please point that out to me and all the other readers of this site as I’m sure we would all like to know of our error. Here south of the city we have about 3 inches and the snow is still coming down at a good clip. Seems to me like the forecast will verify.

    2. what says:

      Dude you’re in the 2-4 range , and you have a little over two–so your problem is ? it’s gone on monday anyway temps mear 50 so who cares!!!!

    3. casper says:

      if you are in the 2-4 range and you have 2 inches – what does that ell you??

    4. Major Dundee says:

      Anthony…What was that prediction again my good man????

  3. KWM-Hingham says:

    2-4″ metro area – Isn’t that your area Anthony??

  4. BCEagle91 says:

    Why would anyone be out on the roads? Check the obits. There are wakes and funerals being held today for one explanation.

  5. andrew mazz says:

    I Just measured my drive way in Watertown and we have about 4 inches here. also i was talking a look at EURO 00z model and it shows something brewing for next Friday still way to far away buts its something to talk about

  6. Dave H says:

    The leading edge of the steady snow does indeed look like it has been suppressed towards the south coast. Barry nailed this 2 days ago, hinting that the system was sliding south and would have to recurve north for us to get a widespread 3-6. It appears to be sliding south and east.

  7. Dave H says:

    The leading edge of the steady snow does indeed look like it has been suppressed towards the south coast. Barry nailed this 2 days ago, hinting that the system was sliding south and would have to re-curve north for us to get a widespread 3-6. It appears to be sliding south and east.

  8. AceMaster says:

    Thanks Joe. Always enjoyed your forecasts on NECN and now here at BZ. You bring a lot to the table. Looks like the heaviest precip has never made it past a Warwick, RI to say just north of Wareham, MA. Mostly been a heavy “mist” of snow here in Easton for the entirety. Maybe an inch and a half to 2 inches so far. Kinda dissappointed since we were forecast to get some of the higher amounts here in Bristol county.

  9. David White says:

    Thanks Joe:

    Light snow falling in Cambridge as of shortly before noon–just north of Mass. Pike. Probably a couple of inches on the ground.

    In less than two weeks it will be Ground Hog day. What a coincidence it would be if he saw his shadow (six more weeks of winter) and The Greenland blocking (negative NAO) finally commenced that day and lasted six weeks! (as it did the first part of last winter.) The AO went negative briefly, now back to neutral/positive, thus the recent short lived Arctic outbreaks, and the projection of mild temps for the coming week. According to the CPC Oscillations projections both AO and NAO are projected negative by early February (beginning of a six weeks real winter?), but we know the low confidence in forecasting out to fifteen days! Five days–higher confidence. We can really only stay tuned! The mets do their best given the computer generated information, based at times on fickle air masses and conditions.

  10. Matt Souza says:

    for snow time I think you might actually be right about those 6-10 inch amounts for the cape and islands and south coast . sadly its not up here by 495

  11. Paul52 says:

    Thanks Joe for your always excellent forecasts and blogs. Here in Pepperell I measured 2.3 inches of snow today; 0.17 inch melted. That brings the season total to 25.3 inches; 6.2 inches below the average through this date. If it wasn’t for that incredible October snowstorm my season total would be more like 21 inches below the average! I’m not too disappointed by today’s light snowfall here as I was not expecting much to begin with…

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