By Terry Eliasen, WBZ-TV Weather Executive Producer

BOSTON (CBS) – The snow has begun to fall across our area and for many this will end up being the biggest snowfall so far this season, including Boston!

The forecast remains essentially unchanged from Friday. The steadiest of the snow and majority of accumulation will happen before 3 p.m.

After that, snow will be tapering from west to east. By dark or shortly thereafter, the snow will have stopped for everyone, except for some lingering flakes along the immediate South Shore and Cape.

Snow will be greatest South of the Mass Pike, especially in Plymouth and Bristol Counties where 4-6″ will fall.

CBS Boston Weather: Check Advisories And Current Conditions

Snow may be briefly heavy in that area just after midday and before the storm comes to an end and a few spots could reach up to 7″ or 8″.

In Boston and areas northwest through Southern New Hampshire, we expect 2-4″, very fluffy and light snow. The lightest amounts will be far north and west, north of Manchester N.H., just a coating to an inch or two in Central and Northern New England.

Again, this will be a very light and fluffy snow, easy to handle and push around…only exception, down on the immediate South Coast and Cape where temperatures will be closer to freezing and snow will be a bit wetter.

No wind or coastal issues, no ice or mixing, just a straight snow.

Finally the forecast for Tomorrow’s Pats game…temperatures at kickoff will be right around freezing (32) with a light east wind. Skies will be partly to mostly cloudy with just a slight chance of a few passing flurries.

Comments (3)
  1. Harrison says:

    Big fat nothing north of Boston.

  2. Paul52 says:

    Thank Joe for the always excellent forecasts and blogs. Here in Pepperell I measured 2.3 inches of snow today; 0.17 inch melted. That brings the season total to 25.3 inches; 6.2 inches below the average through this date. If it wasn’t for that incredible October snowstorm my season total would be more like 21 inches below the average! I’m not too disappointed by today’s light snowfall here as I was not expecting much to begin with.

  3. AceMaster says:

    Just about 2 inches in Easton. Got twice as much from thurs. nights storm. Seemed like we were in between bands all day, one heavier to the south and one slightly heavier to the north. We always seemed to be in a hole in the precip too. Can anyone explain why this happens sometimes?

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