WALPOLE (CBS) – A local bar and grill is making sure there are no questions about its allegiances during the upcoming Patriots vs. Ravens AFC Championship Game.

The Raven’s Nest in Walpole has temporarily changed its name to The Patriots Nest.

The bar is about 5 miles from Gillette Stadium and the owners say they don’t want any Ravens fans showing up and thinking that the place is some kind of haven for them.

Comments (3)
  1. Ravens FAN says:

    What a stupid buisnessman, regardless of what jersey you have on or what fan you are, MONEY is MONEY and if a Ravens Fan wants to be a customer at your bar than you are flat out STUPID for not taking their money.

  2. Patriots FAN says:

    Obviously this is a ploy to get MORE customers. It’s a marketing trick. You’re an idiot.

  3. Wackness says:

    Name was changed to get in more bandwagon fans.

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